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I just thought oh, very sweet one. I didn't think you meant. So well, I feel like slapping your face. At one point center. We deeply understand each other. Michigan. Trae meghan. George Brent ends up. Marrying Betty Davis taking the government navigation job. She hooked him up with and disappearing somewhere over the South American jungle Astor then discovers that she's pregnant with brand's baby. And assuming her husband is dead. Bette? Davis offers to pay Astor to have the baby and let Betty raise it as if it were hers. What makes the film completely unique and wonderful is that in the middle of the movie, the two women travelled together to a cabin in the middle of the desert. So then Astor's character can play out her pregnancy and have the baby in secrets the two women form a barbed bond with one another. That's unlike anything in movies of the Aira. What makes the great lie? Even more remarkable is that. Davis who was the bigger star hand picked Astor to play opposite her and the two actresses worked together to develop their scenes together to beef up Astor's part and thus make the relationship depicted, more substantial and unforgettable Astor deservedly won an Oscar for this performance. People have said that I stole the picture of him Bette Davis, but that is share nonsense Astor later wrote she handed it to me on a silver platter. After this career triumph Astor who would write openly about her alcoholism and religion, aided recovery in her auto biography worked steadily for the rest of the forties. Although she was quickly graduated from glamorous adult woman. Roles to mother parts as in meet me in sT, Louis her own daughter, Mary Len said that in the Tory Asli lurid nineteen forty seven nor desert fury Astor was playing the character closest to herself, or at least the mother Mary Lynn recognized. This is a devastating thing to say about one's own mother, given that Astor's character in desert fury casino owner is openly corrupt totally controlling and pretty much incapable of showing genuine affection for her teenage daughter play. By Lisbeth, Scott until the quasi incestuous climax of the movie. For her part in her autobiography Astor, barely mentions desert fury, which she filmed while Mary Lynn was in high school. Astor goes to all kinds of private and dark places in her book. But it's perhaps best not to go there. Next week. We will explore one of the most notorious stories in Hollywood Babylon one involving a patented, Kenneth anger, blend of racism, sexism, and gross invented detail. Join us then won't you? Thanks for listening to you must remember. This. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina Longworth. That's me our research and production assistant is Lindsay d Schoenholtz. Our social media assistant is Brendan Whelan. This episode was edited by Cameron Druze and our logo was designed by teddy blanks. For more information about this episode and other episodes, please go to our website, you must remember this podcast dot com there you'll find show notes for every episode with information about our sources music used and much more. If you like the show, please tell anyone you can any way that you can you can follow us on Twitter at remember this pod, and where on Facebook and Instagram too. And my book said. Function sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's. Hollywood is available now from Amazon or your local independent bookstore. We'll be back next week with another tale from the secrets, and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century join us, then won't you good night.

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