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Charm. Twenty five twenty five moonshine. You cast dispel magic a targeted precise dispel magic spell into the all caster and smell a smell coffee in the air. I'm like am taking. It's taking me back to the library. Where did all my wizard thing? I have some beans. I'm just putting right under her nose. He's doing that double coffee thing. And the city does not stop levitating successfully. Not done that okay. And you guys hear the sounds of people hitting the floor. Okay so it sounds like like you heard like the distant rumbles of like a riot in the city and right now you hear nothing and you see you see me Mama. Mama comes out of her bare form and she goes. I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry she don't grab me. I'll take the hug always feels good. Beam Amanda Arms. But I I need to make sure that what I just cut out was the right thing. Are you okay? You're okay a more rapid. I didn't have the spell cast on me. Okay let's go Someone someone go up and check out people around up. Yeah you guys go in and you see that people luke is passed out so it looks like just from exhaustion like whatever. It was just like overwhelmed them. He's Outta you guys. You guys look out one of these giant windows. You see that there were people like almost like Zombie apocalypse. Style of trying to climb in the windows to get guys hanging in the windows trying to climb up into the university. People passed out at the door. You look out of the university doors into the city at large and you see that everyone that was under. The effects of the spell has now passed out and you see over the horizon flying towards glade home and it's vulnerable populace. Is Dan atop a corrupted skeletal coexists? This is pestilence now. And that's where we'll end our session. Oh can you tell me though like everyone's passed out but that doesn't mean I failed right? No you would've done yeah. They're just sleeping it's fine. It's all very tired when you save the day. And that means that everyone falls to their knees and passes out. You're scared that you didn't save the Holy Shit work. We'll talk about this on a short rise but what bugging interesting being too now. We have to go against quicksilver and urge Dan. Yeah you're just making US fighter friends. Good man you're good. You're smart. You're you're a great story so bad because I used to ninth level. An eighth level in six little spell I know have won seven level spell left and then how poetic got to counter spell peapod. Oh yeah sweet guys. We'll talk about more of this over on the Patriot. Patriot dot com slash NAD pod. Madd P. O. D. Don't sing yet. We actually finally learn the lesson. I didn't even try to sign. Yeah Yeah guys. Do we have anything to plug this week? I want to. I like we did this on a short rest but I want to give a chateau everyone who's still out there working in the hospitals and and fighting. Yes yes thank you for doing the real work well with the true titans are here the true titans of Earth. And so yeah. We had some stuff's into our po box. You all so much for sending us these treats. Yeah first of all who got some nice notes from Brian? C H David t set a lovely handwritten note on a nice own assay. Animal scanner thicker burned canvas texture. Moi very cool very legitimate and they also sent some custom dog tags for Papa Cakan Rajaa huge awesome all of our beloved animals all three partly treasury. Yes I want to read out like what the dog tags because it's very cute. Papa's says if found ask for legal advice Georgia says I'm not lost just slow that's great and caucus of course probably the most touching of all says. I don't know a hard a gentle ribbing very nice. Thank you David. For those. This is got some hand-drawn merch ideas from connor. One of their ideas was a weird thumbs up. That says Opera hard-won style so look for that Just that I will be wearing personally. A shout out to land in and Lexi They sent us a save the date. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Whenever those may be wishing you the very best trying to get that all sorted out Godspeed Oh and been gambles and as a copy of his book Dragon Suck It's about a peasant Kind of a saucy peasant who is tasked with defeating Ancient Dragon It's kind of a sarcastic. Take on that genre. You can find that online Believe Amazon it's available there as well as other booksellers And then most importantly shout out to Jamila Aka Choco Copter on twitter. Who made the entire first episode of Our podcast into a comic? So so cool it got shut the fuck in front of the Episode Guide. You can read it right now at Ao slash series slash. Not Another podcast. The Fan comic actually another. Dd podcast the fan comic or just. Google Putnam another deity. Podcast fan comic. Untrue also shared it on on our instagram and twitter. What not so. If you're trying to find an easier way to get to it you can find it. I trust you yeah. It's sweet guys Well that's it for this week. We'll be back next week with another episode. In the meantime we got the short rest If you want to follow us on twitter at C. H. Murphy's me at called these called Wall Addy Extra. Emily and her. What's his jake? And you can tweet about the show using Hashtag Nad pods any DP. Od we are. We are and now. It is time to shout out our Benevolent Council of Elders. We've got Brad d dylan be Danny piece. Steel Breaker and Samuel B members of Luna's flying. Wolfpack they all own dope matching bomber jackets. Unfortunately the jackets got ripped to shreds the first time they transformed in them. But it looks super intimidating. Honestly so it was worth it beard. Mundane Adam are Danielle Dastardly Dame Alu- card and the unread instead and also.

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