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So I I shouldn't like I guess freak out so much about it. It's just been an interesting season of disconnect, you know. And I think that maybe that's a kind of broader thing for for me to think about an other kind of pundits like ourselves if we want to call ourselves out to kind of think about it. And and and I don't know, maybe maybe I should be having more conversations with people who are actually in these goading bodies and and trying to figure out like where their heads are really at before. I kind of you know, predict certain things that don't actually seem to be in the offing. I think it was also really interesting at the sag awards that we had a weird supporting actress category because distill presumed front runner to win the Oscar Regina king for if feels streak could talk was not nominated. At sags for I dunno mysterious reasons in so it was like, okay. Let's who who's the who's the the runner up there is it Amy Adams for vice people. I think assumed that or maybe it's one of the actresses from the right? No, it turns out it's Emily blunt for a quiet. It was such a genuinely lovely moment that because as we chew over this narrative for months and months at time like by the time it, you know, the officers come around it's either like the expected winner, or like, you know, the person that or the second expected winner, you know, what I mean? And so for Emily blunt to be genuine surprise her genuine shock, John Christine, skis like shock and teary face as he watched early give her a war, which all seems like quite genuine to me. But what do I know? I thought it was a huge highlight of the awards. What did you think? Mike. Yeah. I mean, I I'm very happy about it. Just because I thought I love that film. And I thought it was innovative, and and she's fantastic in it on every level. And I and I do think at its. Best an award ceremony like this where you've got a guild of actors who are seeing movies, probably through a slightly different lens than certainly the press is or even the way directors see it or the way regular, folks. See it. It's fun because it highlights something. And it makes you think. Yeah. That really is an unreal performance incredibly high degree of difficulty, dealing with all kinds of restrictions in restraints, also dealing with kids and dealing with violence, and sadness and joy, you know. It was like it. You suddenly think? Yeah. Good. I like that one, you know. And so that's what's fun. And that'll be the only word she gets for this role presumably, but but she should be proud of it. It's interesting. You know, we we talk about Regina kings, still being the presumptive winner. And and that's how I was feeling, but I like to bring these little dispatches from Katie rich because I'm sure our listeners miss mishearing. Katie's insights on stuff, and she was telling me she was sort of watching the sags next morning. She was telling me that. I guess Chris Rosen who we've spoken about before front of the pod. What does this title TV guide right now? Well, I think he's the editor of TV guide dot com. Yep. Martini gun editor TV guide, Chris rose. And apparently is known for his wacky Oscar theories and one he has percolating right now is not the Regina kings going to win. But that marina de Tavira is gonna win and like for Roma. And that is I mean. I mean, that's what he says some of his theories thinks black pants is going to win best picture. Can we just roll out? All of Chris theories. Eighty five percent convinced that black man through win best picture. But anyway, let's hear the marina de Tavira one. Well, let me ask you quickly because Katie felt convinced. So my question is is Katie just too far out of the game and like easily swayed right now or has Chris are have Chris's wild traditions in the past come true will Katie is tending to small children under the age of three, you know, that's probably going to adult your brain so much..

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