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But obviously then the other big news is that this game will be $70 up from $60. So people have feelings about that. I think Nintendo was just responding to the market, both Xbox and PlayStation raised the base price of their first party games. Why wouldn't Nintendo they know that you're going to buy it? They know that you're going to bitch about it online and then you're going to open up that wallet anyway. That's it. I'm someone who has a hard time stomach and spending 1520 bucks to go watch a movie for two hours just because I'd rather do that from the comfort of my own home. But I will happily spend 60, $70 for a 5, ten hour experience in a video game. So I don't think it's right when people tell people that this isn't worth your money because I think that's a personal decision. I think the conversation should probably tailor more around to what is causing this pricing, et cetera, et cetera, but that's a whole can of worms. Yeah, I think it gets tricky when we talk about games that are potentially broken or non functioning. And then it's like, well, is this worth your money? But I think we all know that that's not going to be the case with tears of the kingdom, right? At least we hope not something would have to dramatically change the Nintendo's production pipeline that this game comes out so broken, it's not worth $70. If you subjectively just don't like it, that's a completely different story. But yeah, I just think it's 2023, the price of games hasn't gone up in a very long time. I'm not surprised that all three have raised their prices. I think they just waited to see who was going to do it first. And Sony, of course, was like, oh yeah, we'll do it first. We don't care. We don't give a fuck. We'll raise the price. And the next box is like, okay, we'll do it too. I'm not Nintendo's like, well, if everyone else is doing it, why not us? Well, I wish I had more to say, but I don't. In fact, I don't wish I had more to say that. But it left, I mean, I can't contribute to that. I can not give you any more than that. Alyssa if you didn't know, now you know, this is the place to come. Now I know it all. So a bunch of other things did happen in the Nintendo direct, but because there's a bunch of other news that we also want to talk about. I'm just going to skim over them and if you of course want to get more details, I will just point you to the direct itself. We got a nice long look at pikmin four, which was great because we really hadn't seen a ton from that game yet. We heard about the splatoon three expansion pass, Nintendo just out of the blue decided to drop metroid prime remastered. It's available today. Everyone's like, wait, what? That just happened? Like Twitter? Every single direct from here on out needs to have one of those moments, like Xbox nailed it, Nintendo just nailed it. Please, if we're going to sit and watch something in the middle of the day for two hours, give me a game to play afterwards. Mandatory. Sony, your neck. PlayStation. You can do it. Advance wars one and two got a release date, April 21st. We saw some from the fourth wave for Mario kart deluxe all of the DLC they're doing for that game. We got another look at Disney illusion island, which continues to look really cute. Professor Layton is back. The new world of steam. So that was a surprise as well. I saw the game fashion designer, which is an exceed game. That's coming. And I wrote down, do I want this game, but it reminds me a lot of the Facebook fashion game that I kept getting ads for, and I haven't had a chance to suss out if this is the same developer or not. And then we got a really nice look at The Lion King content that's coming to dream like valley. Later on in the spring, they had confirmed that Simba was coming to Disney dreamlight valley, but they didn't confirm that novel was also coming and we got to look at both of them in the trailer. That was nice. And then of course, the kind of bigger news besides, I would say the second piece of biggest news besides Zelda, of course, was this Nintendo Switch online business with all the Game Boy games. Alyssa, which of the games, when you saw it come across the trailer, you were like, hell yeah, that's my game. Well, like Kirby, the first Kirby game that came out. I was like, that's like, I got a Game Boy at my parents were like, pick two games. And we're not buying you anything else for a long time. So it was that and it was I had a, I think it was like jeopardy. Oh, no. Okay, that's a choice? I just wanted to be like smart and knowledgeable. But yeah, I mean, I don't play my switch as much as I could or should. Like getting old Game Boy games on there. That will get that back in my hand all the time. If you get me right in the nostalgia, that's it. There's a take it. I'm doing it. You're nostalgic fiend like I am to them. I am. I just don't want to be old. I don't blame you. I was really happy that they threw in wario, land three in there. I was hoping they were going to put one and two, but I'll take three and hopefully you'll get more. I don't know if any of y'all played wario land growing up. But those were great games on the Game Boy, so much fun. After we record the show tonight, I'm gonna call my dad and tell him he can play on his switch. I love this. You know, again, like after having COVID last month and kind of resorting to just playing games online with my dad through Nintendo Switch online because I couldn't interact with my husband. I couldn't interact with my kids. I was doing games with him the whole time and it was so fun and that all of these are available like damn like yeah. I am glad that they're not charging extra for it as part of the subscription. Obviously you have to pay for the subscription but it's not that expensive because we probably would buy these again if they were charging, but I appreciate that they're like, it's okay. We're doing all right right now. Turns out we've sold a lot of switches. Segue into the next story that Nintendo Switch has surpassed the PlayStation 4 and of course the Game Boy, which we were just talking about to become the third bestselling console of all time. Congratulations to us. A 122.55 million units. Million. That's a lot of switches. It makes me wonder if our House has four switches. Yeah, we do too. But regardless, this is lovely and wonderful.

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