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Martinez. ABC NEWS Washington. There were more arrests over the weekend in connection with that deadly riot, the capital, and that includes a pair of New York was the leader of Liberty Today, arrest me, wrote Edward lying on Instagram during the capital insurrection, so no surprise. The FBI arrested him this weekend at his Hudson Valley home. This is May, he wrote in caps on another post. Video shows Lang swinging a baseball bat and hitting police. Shields at the Capitol also arrested Brandon Fellows in Albany who lives in a converted bus. He posted a Snapchat video showing his feet propped up in the office of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. This one, he told a news reporter is going to get me incriminated Ellis stacked in Racine E W. O R News. President elect bite and continues to work on his inauguration speech, and today the vice president elect Kamila Harris will step down from the Sarris is set to announce her Senate title for the vice presidency two days before the inauguration. Harris is expected to resign from the Senate Monday and make a formal announcement but will not give a speech on the Senate floor as it's not in session. She's only the second black woman to serve in the U. S. Senate. California Governor Gavin Newsom selected California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to replace Harris in the U. S. Senate. Marco Malard. ABC NEWS Washington President Trump will skip the inauguration. He will instead leave the White House for Mar a Lago Wednesday morning before he leaves the he could issue 100, part rappers, white collar criminals, drug offenders, people serving exceptionally long prison sentences about 100 names reportedly on the list for President Trump's final round of parties before he exits the White House. The New York Times reports Trump allies have collected tens of thousands of dollars from people seeking pardons, but sources say the president is not expected to pardon himself. The latest A B C News Washington Post poll says 68% of Americans are opposed to Trump granting himself a pardon. Derek Dennis ABC News president, Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani also says the president could take the stand in his own defense. The Senate impeachment trial. Giuliani is now mapping out strategy. Talk to Giuliani about his approach to the trial what he would do. He said that he would bring up all of those discredited claims about voter fraud claims that have been discredited. He said that if he can prove that those claims are true, or that the president had reason to believe they're true. Then you can't accuse him of inciting the mob. I don't know how that legal strategy will fly. All right. That's correspondent Jonathan Karl. Dr Anthony Fauci says new vaccines from Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca could be just a couple of weeks away, tells NBC's Meet the press. That means President elect Biden's goal is achieved 100 million doses in the first 100 days is it is absolutely a doable thing. Students were returning to campus that you can. They had to test negative for Corona virus and, ah, lot of excited to be back on kiss. Great. I really feel like.

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