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31 from the WTMJ breaking news center, witnesses to the chaos and Capitol Hill or in disbelief after watching protesters breached the building WTMJ stony bedrock his life in the breaking news center John It's not clear exactly what set off the escalation this afternoon. Witness James Middlebrook says he was caught off guard when he saw the events unfold feeling They're on the ground before the breach of the capital itself. There wasn't a lot of animosity. It's a lot of camaraderie between people, and there wasn't until there was huge, huge crowd that it seems to have turned very aggressively, says he didn't see any signs of competing groups during the protests. Republican Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher is calling on the president to put a end to the breach. Chester storming Statuary Hall. Sitting in that house for the Senate floor. Storming office is this is this is Banana Republic self it is it needs to stop Gallagher, telling Wisconsin's afternoon news his fellow GOP colleagues alive to Americans by suggesting they could overturn the election. A group of faith leaders in Wisconsin are calling on Wisconsin's congressional delegation to accept the electoral college certification process. The people have voted they have spoken. The votes have been counted. First Unitarian Society of Madison Reverend Roger Birch, 1000 says there is much for which to be thankful for all of our leaders as well as regular citizens. Who have from their various perspectives. Put our Constitution and our democracy First Jane that near WTMJ News Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of a dozen GOP senators planning to object to the election results in several states for breaking news this afternoon, it appears that both Democratic candidates in the Senate runoff election in Georgia will be going to Washington. ABC News has projected that Raphael Warnock will win against Republican Kelly left her And there are reports that John Assad has won his battle against incumbent David Perdue. That means Democrats will take control of the U. S Senate following the Kenosha County D. A s decision of no charges in the Jacob Blake shooting case. Some say changes need to be made if things were to improve. You have your law schools keep, Finley tells Wisconsin's morning news. There's work to be done on both sides. We have to build greater respect from police towards members of disenfranchised minority communities, and we have to build bigger trust in those communities in policing. Finley is the co founder of the Wisconsin Innocence Project to Louisville. Police officers involved in the raid that ended in the death of Briana Taylor have been fired Detectives Miles Cause Grove and Joshua Jane's have been formally terminated following pre termination hearings with interim chief event Gentry earlier this week. Cosgrove, who was identified as the officer who fired the shot that killed Briana Taylor was terminated for violations of the use of deadly force policy and for failing to turn on his body camera. James, who obtained the warrant for the raid was fired for failing to complete award operation plan and for providing false information to obtain that warrant. Will Clark ABC NEWS Louisville, Wisconsin is surpassed 5000 deaths from covert 19, the state Department of Health Services reporting 60 additional deaths today, bringing the total to 5039 siding and limited WTMJ news time. 3 34..

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