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Dot com it's really see Kay dot com your line up for the Phillies today August the fourth robber game against the Chicago White Sox one oh five leading off and playing left field we'll be Corey Dickerson followed by jeans a gore at shortstop Bryce Harper in right Reese Hoskins cleans up but he's at first JT rob util behind the plate he's batting fifth followed by Cesar Hernandez at second sky king re at third a truce finally your picture batting eighth and Roman queen rounds it out and in center field again if you didn't hear that is already Brad Miller has been reinstated off the ten day I. L. might cal Franko option to Lehigh Valley ray we only have about two and a half three minutes but I got to bring this up the Phillies are celebrating honoring the two thousand nine World Series team and a lot of the players are back here they'll have a nice ceremony before the game right everybody will be nostalgic to relive it again I Phillies only have six numbers retired in the franchise's history one Jackie Robinson so for in terms of the players five players the retired numbers retired that's it all five are hall of Famers this Phillies team though that this score team that had the greatest run in franchise history odds are none of them will end up in the whole thing having said every probably has the best chance but I think even he'll fall short all right so let's let's let's go Jimmy that Jimmy has the best chance should Jimmy although it he the you know the the organization has their stance you got to be in the hall of fame have you never retired Jimmy Rollins is the franchise's all time hits leader was the MVP in two thousand seven a core piece of that winning that World Series pennant should you be around have his number retired yes you do you believe that so the organization should you know bend a little bit on that rule for some yeah I understand the you certain have you you apply certain standards you create certain stand you set the bar basically and I understand it your you should set the bar high for something like this I mean you're retiring somebody's numbers and eight is even greater honor than putting them on the wall of fame but it just seems to me that this was the best year of Philly's baseball in their history was that run yes and it would just seems silly to me to not have somebody from that group with their number retired I say it should be it should be recognized in some way if you're going to pick one to me it is Jim because he was that guy he was I didn't he was sort of what you told it was a team captain he wasn't MVP and retires as the all time hits leader for the franchise I mean for that here I think there should be at least one number up on the wall and there's going to be one I think it should be him well if you is it possible if they were to do that they could expand it to chase.

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