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And beat. Them at their own game a little bit. And maybe that's a little adjustment. They kind of hate and had to make your in in the last little while. But you know, it was we saw last year. Dave there's so many times where when the lightning we'd get themselves in trouble when they couldn't get the puck out of their own. And we haven't seen that much this year. And I think that's a sign of a team. That's learn to defend a little bit better. And and not put themselves into trouble. And you know, when when you're gonna turn if you're gonna turn pucks over on the other end, maybe that's when you're gonna have to face the rush chances a little more. Sorry. Go ahead now. That's okay. I was gonna say we were talking about it down here. Let's face it to the Jack Eichel penalty. Turn things around Bill. Madam was. Yeah. For whatever reason woke up Tampa Bay. And they score two goals after that you mentioned, Dave. Mcdonagh was incensed. And he was he had every right to be. That's a bad penalty by Jack Eichel and it really ignited Tampa Bay. He was obviously upset that he got called for the penalty. But let's be honest. I mean, the sabres had a chance to blow this game in the first period with all the penalty. Calls on the lightning, and they didn't even have to deal with the penalty kill until you know, the penalty took them off the power play. I have two other points the dominant throw you guys for for you to chew on. And then I'm gonna say goodnight. The first is demanding who. We're talking about this pre-game. How would he look having played one in twelve and not having played for what was it each street or something like that? And I think he fought the park a little bit in the first period there were some big rebounds. But then he really swallow things up from the second period on. Yeah. The goal that he allowed it. And that's a tough play where scandal is finishing on an ice back and play off the rush Louis really got into a groove once the second period began which was really important because the sabers didn't dominate as much especially in the second and the third, but they had some chances especially in the second Louis to deal with and he played very well from the second period on and to me, that's almost a typical Louis demand game we've seen this even even when he was starting all those games when Andrei vasilevskiy was out, you know, maybe he would struggle a little bit early to kind of find himself into the game and kind of get a feel for the game in a feel for the park. But once that happened he would come back and even.

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