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First we're going to focus on the food service industry with dunkin brands ceo nigel travis he's with bloomberg joe weisenthal and julia chatterly what's your perspective on what's going on with the tightness of the labour market and how this feeding furniture wages the vigor you know this funding people franchise as a very concerned that they called upon the people they made in selling them carr's up in dunkin's world up in an old days on unemployment down to about three percent new hampshire's actually below three percent so that shows a very prosperous economy shows a very tight labour market as you say are those exists so much these days they rising wages it's just the inability to five april and one of the most prominent franchisees i she said two massachusetts editors they could only five sixty percent of the people he needs secretarial skills is on the administration's attempts to a new tax reform hair they want to enact tax cuts they want them to be pattern but they seem to have abandoned the border adjustment tax which is a way to finance them what are your games that they state what do you think he's out to them all but they was optimal is obviously no we have we have to interested interest in tax reform one is culprit a one is a franchisees i mean to be honest as al businesses driven by what was well franchisees those while i'm really focused on nato sea legs corporate tax reform full for the business for this for the organizations for their companies that also led see maintenance of the ability to deduct depreciation yeah the cost of capital immediately because one of the things that franchisees tuesday they grow by building new stores so they like to have as i have now instant depreciation so daylight to see a reduction in corporate tax rate i believe though will be movement on that but you have to balance as well as logo taking it away and then at the same time take it away something that's been very hopeful for our franchises to develop so it's really about small business of a mile point of view we want to maintain the infested tbilisi that was dunkin brands that y'all nigel travel speaking with bloomberg's joe weisenthal and julia travelling.

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