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Of everyone it is for Friday it's going to have some. We're going to have a fabulous show. We already are. We've got Natalie Buxton on with does and she is such a passionate animal welfare advocate with expertise in marketing and development as director of marketing and communications for operation kindness. She develops strategies and storytelling to grow the organizations presence in North Texas and save more lives. We were talking about a lot of things before the break. Natalie. But one of the things that I wanNA know I wanNA hear the story of the great people that started operation kindness. How how did it begin? Absolutely? So operation kindness is Started by a group of volunteers back in the seventies and they really came together because they have been kind of individually working with the local shelters and and rescuing animals on their own, and they knew their hard to be a better way than how animal sheltering was being done back in the seventies. You know too many animals did not have positive outcomes and they were you know maybe getting taken to a shelter and get in Houston is and not having that opportunity to to find a new family. So this group came together and thought what can we do and how can we do it differently and so they started. Just. kind of fostering animals in their own home, and then it grew beyond that and then they got into a veterinary clinic and expanded their and then kept expanding over the years to where we are today and some of that original group they're still involved in the organization as donors and volunteers, but they really built operation kindness to be sustainable and to grow beyond just what they could do themselves. I love stories like this, I? Do you know I've never been able to have like start something like operation kindness I have like my own little mini operation kindness at my home you know, and that's all we can do. You know we all have to do our part you know to help animals they count on us especially domesticated cats and dogs. You know they really count on us to do the right thing and you know we talked about your new and improved adoption center that will. Be Opening soon but I heard that you guys have some sort of state of the art medical wink, and can we talk about some of the innovative treatments offered at the new wing? Absolutely. So this was actually the first phase of our construction projects. It was completed at the end of last year. So we've been able to really kind of get in there and bring in a lot of new patients of it's one of my favorite places because there's always something really inspirational going on. Compared to previous hospital say that we did have at this shelter it's more than triple the size. So just our capacity to care for sick and injured animals on a daily basis has really increased and we designed a lot of things about the new shelter are really revolve around how can we maximize and give them the best quality of life while they are spending their their time with US and fresh Air A. Theme that continues in the hospital too. So each medical room that there is it connects to its own private screened in porch that allows the animals even if they are still recuperating get. To. Doors and sunshine, which really helps improve their spirit and their quality of life. So they're not getting in a cage all day. They're actually able to get out and see the birds and the squirrels running around and really have You know a good experience going to help them feel better. As far as the state of the art features, it has a hustle does have a lab where we run a lot of testing in house we have a pharmacy, a double surgery suite, and that where we do all of our spay and neuters and orthopedic surgeries, amputations, and anything that the animals need. There's isolation rooms for various illnesses that are maybe contagious. Those can be contained in managed and I think the coolest thing that we've recently added is a therapeutic laser and what does that I I'm not a doctor. So I don't know exactly how it works. It seems like Magic to me, but it's cold laser therapy, and this is something that works on humans as well as animals. How animals with hip dysplasia or arthritis or they have maybe some mobility issues or they're recovering from orthopedic surgery or something like that. So this cold laser therapy can just help them feel better and reduce inflammation and swelling and things like that. We've really just recently got it a couple of weeks ago. So we're looking forward to seeing how it can help our patients in the hospital. Wow, that's so cool. I love the technology and the advancement that you guys are putting out there for for all of us to learn from right I've never heard of that for dogs or cats but I I love the idea I do and you guys are full of great. Ideas and here's your next one. Okay. So recycle to support our our to us. Can you tell us about that? We haven't heard during with Michael, support for I think it's more than ten years at this point and it's a really valuable partnership to us and to our supporters to because the way it works is that you know if you're watching any of these home organization shows on Netflix then you're cleaning out your closet and your cleaning out your kitchen, and so you may have household items and clothing that you want to donate, and so you can donate been through recycled to support actually common pick it up off of your porch at your house or various locations. You can drop it off to so very convenient and operation kindness received a donation based on the weight of all of the donations that are picks up. So the more you donate the more we received as a donation from cycle to support, and it's interest about one hundred, thousand dollars a year for the animals just by people cleaning out their closets and you know finding things that are used to them anymore but as a way for it to help the animals instead that's amazing. I'm actually going to call them after the show. ENDED UP, pick up next week maybe I it all the time. I. Love it I absolutely love it. Okay. So how do you all partner with other shelters in the area? Do you do that as well? Oh, absolutely. One of the things I'm most proud of is our partnerships with other shelters and rescues in the area. You Know Pet homelessness is a community problem and it takes a whole community coming together to solve it. So we all have the same goal right and we know that when we are working together and being collaborative that we can achieve more. So we serve as a transfer partner for about forty other shelters. North Texas and even a little bit broader than that our largest shelter partner, Dallas animal services who is doing fabulous things lately and really our role is to help these other shelters when they are low on space when they're running out of room if they had a pregnant animal or maybe they have some orphaned newborn puppies or kittens that they can't stay in a shelter environment, they really need to get into a foster home or sometimes they might have a severe medical case that they don't have the resources to treat but we have room in our hospital also, we can be that. Kinda Bridge to bridge the resource gap and all kinds of come together to figure out. Okay. Well, maybe you can't take this on but we and so one of the ways that we can do that is through the foster program that we have allow us to take those really vulnerable moms and babies you know they can't be bombarded. So a shelters really unsafe for them. So having that and our hospital allows us to take on some pretty significant cases that you know other filters through no fault of their own. They may not have the resources to be able to do that right and fostering is so important I happened to be the weakest foster parent out there. And give them back I fall in. Love. I'm the poster child of the foster. Failure Person. Just can't do it. I'm just really really bad at it. That's why have twenty two. Let.

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