Fred Waller, Mcclane, Elijah Maclean discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


That gunfire grazed a 22 year old woman but killed her 20 month old son here in Chicago Police Chief of patrol Fred Waller, the mother And that child traveling south bound on holster that about 60 When another vehicle pulled alongside. An occupant of that vehicle fired into the into the mother's vehicle, striking the child and grazing the mother in here, Waller says, Considering the number of shots fired at the car, he does not think it was a random shooting. Protests, outrage and renewed calls for justice. Nearly a year after a young man died after a controversial encounter with police in Aurora, Colorado, the governor there has appointed the state's attorney general to investigate what started as a 911 call to Aurora police about a suspicious person. ABC is Jinnai. Norman tells us what happened next responding officers finding Elijah MacLean, a 23 year old massage therapist. Listening to music as you walked home from a corner store encounter Escalating before officers apply a karate it hold a move that restricts blood flow to the brain. As the claim cried out, those three familiar words reek as officers restrain McClane, Paramedics arrived injecting MacLean with the sedative ketamine. Authorities say McClane suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital dying days later after being taken off life support. Faculty members at ST Xavier University in Chicago held a rally yesterday, accusing the school of Union busting the university said last man would no longer recognise the faculty union because of the challenges posed by covert 19 faculty union representative Jacqueline Bottle, Laura. Says they've been working under an expired contract. They were here.

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