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Those forces a thing that you have this idea. That dr uber mitch. His has said something that. I had not really thought much not true. That had thought much about it but the idea was at some point that we made progress in we retraced and then we made progress on the. That was one view of how we moved on. He basically has posited the theory that no. That's not true. We've always moved side-by-side good with evil and one overtakes. The other from time to time in both are always present. And i don't know that he's more right than than wrong but it sure feels like right now. The forces of what. I would describe as white nationalism white supremacy this notion that somehow whiteness is essential to the future of america for some people who consider themselves to be. Patriots is a very dangerous idea. I don't think however that it's just in america. I think you can see this rise of nationalism. It's premacy of this fear of losing happening. All over the world and from time to time throughout history this has occurred before it's important from our perspective to note that it's actually happening that the rise of of of the voice. This voice being put in the white house and being amplified on that level has and a sense of immediacy and urgency that we haven't felt since the very very early days of the civil rights movement when bull connor An leeann perez. And willie ranuch in those guys in the south were really caught affliction than also on cnn. Right now and it's very dangerous because it needs to be confronted and as you see this with crt people pushing back on this idea in this conflation critical race theory with everything that has to do with equality and fairness that's pushback. It's a push back just like you know. Not not wanting to teach our real history. It's a push back. Just like red line gets a push back just like restricting people's rights to vote and unfortunately that is a that is a very familiar. Refrain that we have seen throughout history. So in some instances it's not surprising but it's also disheartening that it continues to be so pervasive at in the second decade of the twenty first century. Are you surprised. By how few voices there are from among republicans among the political class the leadership class pushing back against the sort of the radical edges of the republican party. Who exacerbate exactly what you're talking about. Yes i am. I am very surprised. And i'm very disappointed in that. In this regard that the idea of equality should not be a party issue just like access to the right to vote should be a party issue. I think that it's fair to expect that. There are certain issues in america fundamental fairness equality access to the ballot That that that are above and beyond partisan politics and unfortunately I think that what has happened in the republican party. It has isolated itself on the issue of race. And that's that's unfortunate for a lot of different reasons..

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