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Know this is a this is a tough one. Because i think a lot of it really does come down to dust and preference but i would say the chances that they book nate diaz against dustin as around an eight or nine and the reason i say that is because this is it's quote imminent. He's got one shot and what i mean by. That is if he goes out there. Beach charles oliveira then. Ads fi goes away. They're not gonna let him fight for a title. I think we all know that part of it's not gonna happen. But in warriors case he can cash in any other massive payday before fighting for the title while everyone is still already calling him. The best lightweight in the sport absolutely no disrespect to charles varies incredible fired or put together an incredible resume. What he's done lately has been fantastic. But i don't think anyone is fooling themselves in believing that disapora isn't the best lightweight in the world right now inactive competition so dustin doesn't need a belt right now to prove that everyone's already calling him the best lightweight in the world so if he wants to cash in on another massive payday connors gone for at least a year before he could bludgeon him again and our scoring other seven-figure payday as the only other die out. There he can logistically face. Who would give him that kind of money. That kinda pay a relatively short amount of time. We're already into august december. Not that far away. He fights the as in december and then he moves on the troll of various. Basically this or nothing. Because of each charles and i like charles but i think does support. Wednesday fight then goes away forever. And then he's fighting is lamarcus. Then he's fighting just gage he again. Then he's writing maybe michael chandler down. The road goes away forever once once. Dustin and champion jed. What do you think what are the chances the fcc calls a ufc esque audible and goes portia de as next over the title fight. Four four out of ten. I'm getting a little more credit to it than maybe i should. And really that's just because I think he really really likes money. Because we all really like money man and the best place to get money is fighting mate. The because you're going to get a win and you're gonna get a big old payday. I think one aspect of this. That hasn't really been considered talked about for me is poised willingness to do this. Is i feel like the habib loss. Still plays a factor for because in general. He said you know. I'd like to be the champion at some point. But it's just not a big big impetus for him and to me. The only reason that kind of makes sense as he he recognizes that he is the best guy in the sport and all. He's done his lose to habib but even if he's the best lightweight active competition thing part of him so recognizes that he's not really the best lightweight in the world. 'cause abi isn't dead. He just is choosing not to compete. So i think that makes it a little more likely because because of the whole history for. But i still think he's gonna end up fighting charles oliveira because i disagree with david. I think that the ds fight absolutely still exists. If roy gets the bell media's isn't dropping to one fifty five to compete for the lightweight title. That's just never going to happen again. They more likely to fight at one. Eighty five years to fight at one fifty five and so i can handle his business. The belt that he so richly deserves later this year and then he can pick and choose his spots like sure in this world. He's the champion he's supposed to face. The neal dairy issues is on market chefs of the world. But we know that's not true. Like you have to fly guys. You're supposed to do as the champion as anyone paying attention to the sport for the last five years like he can just have the belt and they can do in. Interim title hype. Tweeden neil dare is the mock chef it will sell four paper views It will all be people from that by that paper view. They can win an interim title. It'll be great employees can go. Fight nate diaz. I know that their teammates trading partners. But i firmly believe that boy and mostert all would set aside a a teammate hood. To get that bag and no they'd be getting that bad dudes fought like i think he can just pick up the belt to pick it up and he can still do whatever the hell he wants because we haven't gotten to see yet because he has only fought connor this year. But i think we're in for the dust and foyer conor mcgregor bomb beating connor twice Doing it in fact fashion the first time and really being his asked the second time. Even with all the weirdness it surrounded. I think dustin pori could very well be like a a real paper view drawn his own white now. the next fight will determine. You know we'll see but if he's that if he's what i think he is in that he gets to call. The shots doesn't matter whether it has a belt or not. So if your dust emporia jed if the fcc called you and said yo diamond what up you pick title fight or nate. What are you picking. If you're dustin are you just going title and then you just feel that nate is just going to be there whenever you need them essentially. Yeah that's that's me i mean. Honestly there's no wrong way to eat this recent mike. Like he's gonna beat nate nate. It's going to beat him. So if he goes and fights and beats nate then he can still fight for the title. After that over he goes and wins the title. He can fight and beat nate after like his option. The only reason i would choose to take the title now is one a checks. The box is like damon. I agree. I think he is a hundred percent going to each There and so it checks the box. He no longer is an interim champion next. He is the former actual. Ucf speeded pin. And if he passes things get more interesting. If if all of air has to defend because let's say Gauge is fighting jammer theoretically new york. I know all in the air but say you fights that just engaged to beat that ass is michael. Chandler's sucks fighting at me and Just engage he will. Then beat that ass charles oliveira to I am of the opinion that just engages the best lightweight in the world. Right now Dust employees deserves that title because of the win over what is accomplished. But if you put those two dudes in a cage. Tomorrow i'm vic engaged. Beat him and if he waits he might not come back all very he might come back to a much more difficult style matchup because if he waits and then he gets injured now now beats nate. Okay now he's not fighting till the end of next year for the belt by that time. Shit maybe as a mock grachev. Who's the champion. Maybe it's just engaged like those are hard hard fights and i don't know that the appeals to say thank you pick up the bill right now and as is always gonna be there. Damon do grew. Jed that poor on his own could be a box office draw because of the connor rub like has he ought gotten that. Because there's certain guys that have a laura. We'll we'll dive into nate and his lawyer in a matter of moments but doesn't hasn't done a lot of media since he'd be conor mcgregor i know he's matured and he's kind of let go of what he feels is the less important part of the game. He wants to go in there and train and fight. Dudes isn't wanna do media interviews but is that maybe a mistake here coming off that went over. Connor like should have kind of gotten out there a little bit more and built his name even more so or was winning and was winning. That fight enough. I think the mystique of what does has done. This year is enough for him. He doesn't really need to say much. At this point. He destroyed connor back in january and he seemed like he was on his way to really destroying dismantling connor. A second time with a broken leg. Connor coming unhinged since the fight going after everybody you know from dc to being you know pretty much anybody and everybody. He's not going to fight. I think dustin could just sit back and relishes victory knowing. He's got one over on conor mcgregor. Conor mcgregor is fighting this war for deported because worry got him twice and on the gregor going lunatic has pretty much proved appointed a beat him and beat him to the point where we're not sure what kind of connor is gonna come back from that broken leg So i think as a perfect position right now where he gets the call the shots. He's in a weird position where he's not the champion but he really does get to call the shots right now..

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