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One of the hosts thinks the phrase tap mahomes foams is what happens to pops when they're good boys. That's Lenny. Get it pet mahomes I'm times and I am delighted to be joined by a second time guests, the outpour of demand. The cries from the streets I couldn't walk outside without people saying. When are you going to have an eight Thais on? When are you gonNA, have nate back and I said get away from me your warning. You know to close. I'm wearing a mask. You may have said something else NATO's welcome back to the show. For having me, I didn't know three tweets as an outpour. Three tweets two of them for family members. Probably, it was probably the the outcry that you got. I did see her dad's tweet and I appreciated it. My Dad's tweet. He's talking crap like. Hits in some. for? For. Those who don't know actually nate. Your background is actually pretty pertinent to this episode. Given that we are talking about the raiders who you worked for what year was that? She doesn't sixteen two thousand seventeen all right. How many times did you write? Oakland instead of Las Vegas while preparing for this I, cop out wrote Raiders so division is a killer between them and the chargers. It is not it's not fun. We'll go. Whilst West says reclaimed its title for the most two-word City names and and Alan Vision, so it used to be la raiders India charters can say chiefs Denver Broncos and now they took that title back once. The raiders moved to Vegas. So. This is the kind of analysis that made people clamoring to have you come back to the show, so we are talking about the AFC west. This Week and As always I'm Kinda Kinda? Sum Up my overarching perceptions before we get into the teams and. I think before I. Did this exercise? I always say exercise which I feel like makes it sound way more intense and rigorous than it actually is for me, but. Before. I started looking into these teams and thinking through what they look like this year. How much they've evolved I think I've felt the division was better. I mean. or at least I thought it was. Maybe potentially. COUPLE OF WILDCARD I duNno at least one wildcard team, which is totally definitely possible, but my new feeling is that after the chiefs, the other three teams could really finish any order which I tweeted, I. Don't think they all have strengths and weaknesses and I. Don't think any of them is markedly better than the other I completely agree with that like going through each one as soon as I started to like a team. It kind of started going. Okay well this, they don't have this. They don't have this well. This is a big question mark. That's another question mark, and then say oh. I like that piece, but it's like. Does that really fit? You know so mean just like every team. It's question marks everywhere, but I completely complete agreement with you there. It's like a wide range of outcomes to I could see any of those three teams going ten at six and three of them going forward twelve. You know it's like they're. On injuries depending on if a guy breaks out, depending on the guidance takes another mini leap. I mean there's there's a lot of variables with the other three quote unquote. Actually like last week when dominated the NFC west, we ultimately put them in the same order. There's still some various I think. The cardinals could finish with a wide variety of records for example, but we felt pretty strongly about the order I. Really Don't know what order you'd put these teams. You're right. It's so dependent on the quarterback situation. For Two of the teams I think the raiders defense is ton of question marks which we'll get to, but we are starting with the reigning Super Bowl Champs because they're in the news. And because while I was looking at the death, sharks chart while while the depth chart I was just struck by the fact that Bishop Bruin Bruin speaks are both on this team which I think of the Shenanigans. Berlin anytime. Someone said Bruins speaks name. I'd like not now. I'm busy. I'm sure that's what they get up to I'm sure NFL players. Puns in word. It's like one of those. What does that jeopardy category four just? Yeah that is, that's perfect, or there's a show ice on game. Show network called chain reaction, and that that game was amazing, so they'll give you the first word in the last word, and then you decided. Yeah, you gotta to go. One by John I used to watch every day four, three, hundred thirty, but. It was Yes incredible, incredible Bruin Speak Speak Evil Yada Yada. Each word would go buy one somewhere. Someone at ESPN is listening and thinking about the nfl live and just heard me say that in with your, why do we do? So the news is not that although it is to be, the news is well the latest news we didn't. Fox didn't really get into the MAHOMES contract too much. Because from a perspective, I didn't think there was a lot to talk about, but he did. Sign Chris Jones to a four year, which was you know? Enabled by the mahomes contract to a four year deal worth up to eighty four million dollars eighty-five million dollars. Tomato tomato so I thought. Perhaps we should start by talking about the defense, and what this means now I think there's. Interesting roster construction ramifications. They still Kelsey. As year left I believe. And many the issue I think it's actually yeah. I twenty out drinking. I actually did the. Only reason I do that was because I looked it up the other day. Someone tweeted about it like they should start negotiating. A bill. Bardwell is like they start renegotiating Kelsey next or something of that sort of the kettle..

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