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Theme song for the family food. The richard karn era family feud steam. I here's how this work. Whoever gets the most correct without collecting three seriously either. It's just kind of soft. Yeah softly because of the mix so this is romi. Huffington post article. And based on grub hubs twenty one thousand nine order data compiled by our associate producer. The dropping rapper singer for today's topic. America's favorite bagel flavors survey. Wow america's favorite bagel flavors according to grab order data compiled in two thousand nineteen. So the top. Five answers are on the board. And you'll each take turns so tony your our guest. Would you like to go first or second. I'll go first okay. You'll go i around the board. What is your i. Guess sesame on the board answer hermit show me sesame to answer all right. Yeah baby number two. Answer sesame tony you are correct. You have one point all right mitch. Four are left of the top. Five america's favorite bagel flavors. What say you spoon an. Why go with one. That i'm pretty sure is up there i got. I got quite a few. But we'll see i hope it's up there. I'm going everything everything's got everything. Show everything as the snes. Adaptation of family feud. The video game tells us that is a good answer number. One answer on the board everything bagel mitch. So you both have collectively sniped the top two three remaining of the five. Let's see if we can clean it up all right tony back to you. America's favorite bagel flavors. What's your next. Guess i'm gonna go cinnamon raisin greg. Greatest cinnamon can raising. I disagreed. i don't think it should be in the top five. But i think it is top five america's favorite most popular feel the same about everything being wow shots fired from both of you. But here we go show me cinnamon raisin yeah number three all right. We're this collective effort is really something. I just don't know how. I feel about cinnamon rate. Like it's just that sort of thing of like just makes a little too sweet look. Good gimme guy. I want the savory bagel. And gimme gimme the gimme the gimme the sesame cinnamon raisin just. No no thank you. It depends on my mood. 'cause i used to. I used to love him as a kid. And now i can't grew up. I grew the up. Y y it's kinda like between jonet and a bagel. yeah right like a little. Yeah that's the thing like it's like sweet but it's not too sweet. That's what i like about it sometimes. It's not it's not my everyday bagel or on an occasional. Get something like that. And i think you're tony talked about being cream cheese versus a kid. I used to like it with cream cheese. But i think these days i just get it with a with butter. Yeah it's it's kind of gross shit as a kid. But i think this is a a better buttered bagel asti. I'll.

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