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Boom after the beat here we go let's not waste any time that's loot that's danny in case you're joining us uh after the initial original mma beat were three deep this week you probably know it's probably just tuning into after the be they usually do the whole thing right um unless you like to get freaky okay here's the first question of the day why are fighters like cynthia calvillo getting suspensions for marijuana it's not a pd i know you guys are very passionate about this topic me not so much so i wanted to offer this went up to tired talking about this won't perfect let's move along no no no uh you wanna go first there any i think it's insane that you know they're even just testing for an even considering just a pd like i don't know i i think it's pretty in saint pointed to know that it was in competition right so out of competition it's fine yet you can do i get what is in competition that's uh several hours before uh the winds and also right after the fight um with what was like a 24 when exactly the to to make it to make it as easy as possible so basically if they're until was smoking marijuana today he doesn't fight bug like the they wanna find yet okay i just wanted to make that clear for the for the viewers yet but even in competition i think it's ridiculous like i i don't really see marijuana helping i mean i can see aiding as far as like you know relaxing someone in in and and things like that but not in in in his face not in the level of performance enhancing drug like steroids and other things that you know we we've seen i knew say ridiculous legal don't test for it yeah no punishment i were incessant who cares even if it's at the highest levels if you smoke you know a minute before walking out i don't know.

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