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All season but especially lately It makes our job a lot easier as an. Offense and then we can just relax, and have fun That's kind of what happened this weekend That's your guy paulie Matt Duffy it's, difficult to, listen to. It and, he you know you understand and again I'm not trying to like swerve off, the road to take out Evan longoria but you understand that Evan longoria is on. The hook for like nineteen twenty million the next four years Matt Duffy would be under club, control at like. A million a year something like that Doing, his thing doing. His thing. You know what I mean can. We just add the x factor of the Duffy just expectations Matt Duff yes you know what. I mean he's cool he's walking. Around being what I always have about Duffy's, he he's, a good. Hitter he's, a patient hitter he's a smart ballplayer very sound defensively and Murphy just one, of those guys he's a game remain get dirty dread diving around he's a a. Lunch bucket guy I think a lot of John fans still miss him and Murphy there is, over there Thursday Okay I. Know there nine back of the. As in the loss column and that's a lot I wanted to see you build a. Case I'm listening I'm just saying that if I'm. On, the as on. The greaseboard I would. At least make. Room for like let's keep our, eye on the air out there just keep yeah they're out there I know it's, nine that's. A lot I know the as at forty five and sixteen right fleet Forty-five in sixteen. Sixty one as a little league numbers but I'm just saying the, rays have at least made it mildly interest here here hey. Congratulations, man they're falling. Down there so there. You go paulie. MAC Hawaii literally of old men Morris in Sherman yeah and the Tampa Bay rays in our boy mad Tuffy I'm, baby There you go the way an old. Palestine, Toyota Dave checked in don't forget a forty nine hundred named Al Cowling's, OJ's guy whoa, we see what are we. Talking seventy nine hours I seventy nine. That. Wow is pull Toyota Dave wild. City national Bank business and technology Jason Middleton, and, on the other, side yeah give me, some crew Monday crew How the market's Jason Middleton the US and Mexico have reached at least a partial agreement to resolve trade issues between the countries that's enough for the Dow jump up two hundred points the deal requires that a larger portion of automobiles traded on a tariff-free basis be made. In high wage factories and Canada will now get involved in the NAFTA talks after taking a few weeks. Off from while the US seems. Content to let tech companies figure out how to prevent election meddling and privacy scandals on their. Own the European Union is not the EU is drafting new legislation. Aimed at preventing Cambridge analytic type scenario happening in next year's European parliament elections the financial times reports that. The, European Commission is preparing a rule that? Would ban. Data collection Allah Cambridge Analytica and Germany is, beginning its own, investigation of Facebook after finding. That the. Social media giant abused its? Market. Dominance to gather data on people Without their knowledge or consent I'm Jason Middleton.

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