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From last saturday's catastrophic earthquake that killed more than fourteen hundred people. Thousands are injured and many are homeless and were in the storm's path. A judge in arizona has ruled a new state law that bans mask. Mandates and schools has not yet taken effect from member station k. jay z. And phoenix bengals reports. Some school districts are defying state lawmakers and requiring students and staff to wear masks arizona republican lawmakers argued they meant for the law against mask mandates to apply immediately but mira copa county superior court judge. Randall warner found. They didn't follow the rules. Necessary to avoid a ninety day waiting period for new arizona. Laws that means phoenix union. High school district officials can require students and staff to wear masks at least until september. Twenty ninth when the ban on mask. Mandates takes effect following the ruling at least three more school districts in arizona announced. They'll also require masks on campus. A separate lawsuit has been filed challenging the constitutionality of the ban on mask mandates for npr news. I'm ben giles in phoenix renowned singer. Songwriter bob dylan has been sued in new york. A woman alleges that he drugged and sexually abused her decades ago when she was child. A spokesman for dylan says the claim is fifty six years old and is untrue. He also says that dylan will vigorously defend himself on korva coleman. Npr news in washington..

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