Ed Versus, Peter discussed on Lincoln Park Church of Christ Sermons


Don't pronounce judgment onto anybody's eternal destination. But i absolutely can judge the fruit in your life. You got good fruit. Are you producing good fruit or bad fruit. And if you're produce bad fruit. I can judge that bad fruit. Who gives me that authority. God because he tells us that we're the judge with righteous judgment. Judge what judge the fruit that comes from your life whether well then or not so well. God says when you stand before judgment. You're going to give an account whether good or whether bad based on the deeds in your life based on the life that you lived in the things that you did and then you get the verses twelve or fourteen and he tells us but these things brethren like unreasoning animals but these like unreasonable animals born creatures of instinct to be captured and killed reviling where they have. No knowledge will end. The destruction of those creatures also be destroyed. He's talking about the false teachers suffering wrong as the wages of doing wrong. They counted a pleasure to party in the daytime. And they are stains and blemishes the lady in their deceptions as they party with you having is fall of adultery they never cease from sin enticing unstable souls having a heart trade and greed accursed children. You look ed versus twelve through fourteen. There and peter is telling us that these people are not confused..

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