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So what is the incentive for me to go to you i don't complain when i go i go over the last year when i made when i call on your show i might complain about darryl when is ham rain calls and he makes which was annot call i listened to he's delusional stale okay our period i said again nick you're being you've been on the air for two minutes what have you said that would call i ask you all the second i wanted to go to the booth for a second rainy doesn't want to chime in here because he's too much of a gentleman danny hold on a second you've had your ten minutes dan brad brad i want i want to congratulate mark danny hurrians nick slowdown a second sport we got we got danny and john john yeah evaluate this call for it's somewhat to dominate done saying that you don't call the complain after you complain for two straight ment calling it like i see it you can recover here you're still on the air i want to bring it just a drop a quick nugget of wisdom on you be the change you want to see in the world if you want to have a great call come on you know don't don't complain about how you're not getting this is it nick the floor is yours get after it have a great call john mccain john there you got thirty seconds thirty seconds to make and.

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