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Good bitches so jordan hicks through a ball it was what one hundred five point eight miles per hour space firmed one five point eighty three another some others that were in that senator no i'm sorry i got one of six point one believe really yeah even harder than what it said i guess that's the official ray bricks baseball always differs a little bit from mlb for whatever reason so i'm guessing the stat kesse something slightly different maybe brooks is like park adjusted and that's what it was but anyway interesting that if so that the park adjustments made it even faster than it actually was well i don i wanted i just tell you right now because i can search on baseball savant and then that will tell me the stack cast thing so we're not going to baseball and type enjoyed hicks and advise them it was like that that one player appearance against dupuy harare he was like five point one five one four point three one four point two it was like the five fastest pitches of the season so far i think we're in that one plate appearance yeah he was he was feeling okay so baseball savant their fastest velocities one of five for jordan hicks that's fast i mean he's got wanna fight thousand five hundred four point three one or four point two three point seven all the stuff from from sunday and then a couple of fast pitches from saturday he was feeling it this weekend so one of five if you go on brooks baseball sort for a roll this chapman he's topped out at one of five point eight five so here's look here's the thing we can actually i don't think that they can measure velocity to such a such a reliable accuracy that we can say is faster than the other hickson chapman of basically topped out of the same place they've thrown five when a six cure knicks while we're here jordan hicks has struck out we we've done a lot of brian mitchell updates on this podcast jordan hicks has a lower strikeout rate than brian mitchell and a higher walk rate than brian mitchell so if i used to in twenty two innings twenty two innings yes sixteen walks and.

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