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It is what is okay. Shy by abandoning. You know heather. I told you it was going to be is a school back and peasant is. I'm really surprised that you don't like this. I like it. I like it. I can see why that would make me want to put on a bucket hat. Bucket hat knows shirt in a robe and boxer shorts with hearts white boxer shorts with heart on it. And i go out mega like oh man and that's exactly puka. Shell necklace hookah. Shell yeah nice. I know my brother wore his blue bucket. Had this was like such a look. When he was in eighth grade he would wear. I think khaki shorts sorry derrick from getting this wrong he would wear khaki shorts for outing. You for this outfit. But just if you're getting it wrong yes i'm getting out not yeah. I understand what thought it was funny. I thought he'd be like sorry for telling it ruins that this is what you are. Oh no no. It's not shame this he would tell you. I got thank you. It's not like he's still wears this. I would khaki shorts. A i'm going to say undershirt tanktop. But we all know they have terrible name and a blue bucket had an bruecke. Shell necklace and that was like his look. I love this. My friend went to college and he came back with like a hemp necklace. I think they they had like a little wooden bead in that yet. I know those necklaces. And i remember being like really proud. He was sort of not very expressive. And what he wore. What wasn't very artsy. Many had this. And i didn't know that it had sort of like dave matthews tripping. Billy's sort of like meeting like a jockey. Hippy kind of connotation at least it did in the ninety. Anyway i remember. This is such a funny thing to get caught on you compliment by. I really wanted to say like kind of good for you. But i meant it so you just like your necklace and he was like i'll happily make you one. I know but when mike rubber meets road you're not wearing. I'm not gonna wear that now it. I've always been really any kind state. Well now now. That i'm a little bit more. Whatever into myself i can. I can wear nice statement piece. But certainly when i was a kid i was like i just want to hear anything. Where stand out do i own. But it's also tribalism was like. Oh that's who you're hanging out with. What i saw the necklace. Those are who your friends are that for you. I remember when. I find that when i got a cell phone when i was sixteen trying to decide what nokia case cover zoo and what that was going to say about me and mike i remember being like. I don't think i'm glitter girl. This is a but. I'm not sure i'm like read either. Were just doing this by leila shoes today and target. Yeah i was. I was playing for her. Which and that remember. I picked up a shoe. And you're like that's not right. And i was like oh like i took it. I didn't take it hard but remember i'm in no mood today. I was just sort of. I'm no. I'm not bringing it up to to say that it wasn't as kurt and that you weren't. I think what i just said. I thought i softened it a lot. There's a lot of down nets off. No i thought you said that's a shoe. My mom would wear. Yeah but. I've never shopped for women's shoes before so i'm just thinking like the laflin by the way. I've never shopped for shoes before. So i'm buying women choose or girls shoes for my baby. And i'm just seeing like i don't know how if you were buying boys shoes and you picked up one that had like the incredible hulk on the side or something. It'd be like trying too hard. Exactly this is. We went to strive assisting you the way you would have assisted me. That's what i'm realizing now. So i'm going to let that grudge go joke. I didn't really have a grudge again. I'm gonna think of two hats finding pertinent to burn. That is truly one of my favorite foibles. Oh yeah i was reading yes okay. Comparing icus was too ambitious. It just went to a podcast growth. Hacks secrets the podcast. I'll think of another noun.

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