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And one zero three one WG wine top story. President Trump delivers the state of the union address tonight's to congress still very divided on much of the president's agenda. Fox's Jared Halpern. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says there's plenty of evidence of the union is strong. The state of our nation's economy is thriving and working Americans are failing. But democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls the state of the union sad. The number one reason the state of the union has such woes is the president. I hope he changes in the next two years. President Trump will deliver a speech in the house chamber to a divided congress. With democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi sitting behind him along with vice President Mike Pence on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News. You can hear the state of the union right here on WGN wine and on your free iheartradio app. Coverage begins at eight PM say police say a Schenectady woman had a lot of pot in her car. Troopers say they pulled Amira barrels over last week on the throughway near Ravina found seventy five pounds of pot in the car. She's now facing several drug charges been sent to the Albany county jail longer tracks season at Saratoga is getting some mixed reviews. WG wise, Mike Patrick twenty nineteen season opens July eleven four forty day run featuring to dark days a week Mondays and Tuesdays. While many business owners in Saratoga springs, like the new schedule others less than thrilled. Meg Kelly tells the times union cheese concerned about the timing is opening day weekend coincides with the annual two day appearance by the Dave Matthews bandits smack most hotels to be already booked Kelly's afraid the volume of people never to twenty five thousand of the track another twenty five thousand or so it's back. Good. Overwhelm the city. Mike, Patrick NewsRadio. Eight ten one zero three one WG y federal judge in Rochester has during the case of capital city rescue mission chef can EMA Nagorno for two weeks at which time written arguments will be do. The meantime, the Goren whose story has attracted a wide level of attention and supports will stay in federal custody outside buffalo restraining order was issued on Friday temporarily blocking any effort to deport Nagorno back to his native Ivory Coast WG Y morning news time, eight oh three. Cvt a is getting ready to test some battery powered electric buses. CEO karma seal says four of the new vehicles should be here by mid June. And he says drivers will have them out on several CD TA routes manages. He says include quieter operation less pollution, not having to use expensive. Diesel fuel buddy says there are some questions about the buses. You know, the manufacturers tell us that seventy five miles or so is is the range between charges. However, the quick to point out that this can can come down during winter, weather and different other operating conditions. We need to know more than it will come down. Basile says the bottom line is there is less to go wrong with the new vehicles, which he says could lead to lower long term operating costs thousands of fake Twitter accounts were online during last November's midterm elections. University of southern California survey found that more than fifteen thousand Twitter accounts that posted and I voted hashtag on election day. We're not real people. Also found that most of the fake accounts were from places like Russia and Iran ratings for Super Bowl fifty three the lowest in a decade, according to Nielsen the low scoring game between the New England Patriots and LA Rams generated a forty four point nine rating. That's the lowest early Super Bowl rating since the two thousand nine clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Zona cardinals. A ratings point equals a percentage of all televisions in the United States. Mark mayfield. Newsradio eight ten and one zero three one WG y champion figure skater Nancy. Kerrigan is coming to Albany. She'll be at the plaza ice rink on Thursday from four to five PM her appearance is to help promote the Aurora games and international women's sports and entertainment festival coming to Albany in August, not sure if she'll be able to do much skating as Thursdays. Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid forties. W G Y morning news time is eight oh five our next update at eight thirty. I'm Reid shepherd. Now, more Chuck and Kelly on NewsRadio eight ten one zero three one WG y. Cattle regions breaking news, traffic and weather station. Two point three billion dollars as a draft at this point in revenues is as serious as a heart attack governor Cuomo yesterday Kelly. Oops, we're way in the whole two point three billion dollar deficit as you heard him say, and and in typical Andrew Cuomo fashion. He says everything we did economically is right. So he's been in office fist starting his third term. Now. Nothing nothing. He has done has led to this. This is all because he's a democrat all the democrat. That's the part. I love the best. Oh, yeah. We're we're billions of dollars in the hole because I'm a democrat because of the the president's estate local taxes tax deductions being capped at ten thousand dollars. That's why. And he say he says, you know, the rich are leaving New York. Paxton rich tax, the rich tax, the rich, the rich leave. And now, here's but is there nothing to be said for the fact that we have near the combined state and local tax rate for high income New Yorkers is second highest in the nation. Does not our governor and legislature have something to do with the level of taxation around here. Yeah. So here are two thoughts. Number one. If you didn't taxes so much depend on that kind of revenue to fund the state, let me to two billion dollars. What does that tell you right there, and it wouldn't hurt so bad and the other one is how about you cut spending and look a revenue. Elsewhere like, oh, I don't know. Sports gambling that keep kicking the can down the curb on just all easy fixes. They're going for. Yeah. But that's why sports gambling is going to help little legalize weed. He did a toy. He did a complete turnaround on that. Because it's an easy money grab the they don't want to make the tough decisions, which is like really cutting spending. Instead, they're just going to blame somebody else and look for a free throw up a bunch of casinos free money, right allegedly. So in so check this out talking about trying to raise more revenue. I don't believe raising the taxes on the rich. I think that would be the exact worst thing to do. Right now. You also don't have the opera. I don't think you have the ability to reduce taxes on the rich because you would just expand that you're so we can't raise taxes are lower taxes on the rich. All right now what then we'd I guess he he sings two different songs in the past. He said, oh, the whole myth about people fleeing New York, that's that's a load of ball. And then all they only leave because of the weather that's a load about now. He's singing even a difference noticing their leading the Republican leader in the state Senate, John Flanagan said governor Cuomo acknowledged for the first time today that it's not the weather that's causing New Yorkers to leave. It's the incredibly high taxes. So and just one thing just in terms of just. I'm not making a political statement. But I like facts if people are like the one percenters they get away with everything and also only the poor abate taxes here to facts. Fifty percent of the people New York don't pay any tax, okay because they're poor. But they don't pay any taxes and the top one percent of earners account for nearly half of the state's income tax revenue. So the top one percent is paying almost fifty percent of the taxes. Just the fact. Yeah. So it's exactly the opposite of what these people are always pointing to one other one other thing to touch on. The state workers are being urged to be extra careful. There was a brutal attack a forty nine year old woman a state employee who's uses that that OGSM parking lot at DAV and elk in Albany, big parking lot. She was leaving work on Friday when when she was attacked..

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