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And by the listeners of k q e d all right let's get to the roads with peter finch san jose southbound one zero one there's a stall blocking the second lane from the right the northbound commute highway seventeen through the santa cruz mountains continues to be a mess because of a two car accident blocking the left lane this is before the alma bridge it's still gonna be there for a while and em berkeley we have a disabled vehicle this is westbound eighty at unit university avenue a stalled box truck in the third lane from the left i'm peter finch for k q e d thank you peter that one brought to you by compassion international i'm sad music eric i'm from us riley this week on capabilities the duelists will feature a new song cycle about black lives matter nonsensical inventions of rube goldberg and we'll talk about skating polly's ugly it sounds a lot like poetry to me yeah those shows and lots more on the do list or guide to the ferry back in parts in the bay area this friday and every friday morning six twenty two and eight twenty two qb's warning some clouds some sun today and temperatures will be in the fifties the current temperature in san francisco is forty seven degrees it's seven oh seven now it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep and i'm noel king late last night the senate approved a one point three trillion dollar spending bill all two thousand pages of it but then this morning president trump tweeted that he's considering a veto of the plan he wrote on twitter i am considering a veto of the omnibus spending bill based on the fact that the eight hundred thousand plus daca recipients have been totally abandoned by the democrats not even mentioned in bill and the border wall which is desperately needed for our national defense is not fully funded a lot there joining us now is senator jon tester a democrat of montana thanks for being here senator this great to be within a well thank you senator do you really think president trump is going to be to this i don't know but but i can tell you.

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