Larry Hogan, Barbara Comstock, Texas discussed on NBC Meet the Press


This sunday divided america. People are raised on both sides of the issue and it's completely tearing community apart. The country split into multiple fronts. One battlefield coveted masks astronaut spreading this virus. It only stops to spend friendship. Learning this is tyranny even as the pandemic is again killing fifteen hundred americans today. I feel like. I'm in some weird twilight zone. Why we're still going over wearing masks and having saved schools for kids bananas this morning. I'll talk to two governors trying to bridge that. Divide larry hogan the republican governor of blue state man and the democratic governor of red state kentucky plus the newly elevated fight over abortion texas the next the most restrictive abortion law the country dismaying abortion rights advocates as a matter of reality roe versus wade is a dead letter in texas today and the supreme court. Let's the loss stand for now. Cheering abortion opponents. The child is that this person is a i. I guess this morning former democratic senator claire mccaskill of missouri and former republican congresswoman. Barbara comstock of virginia also long-term power outages in louisiana record rainfall and flooding in the northeast what hurricane ida tells us about the threat of climate. Change joining me for insight and analysis. Are you michelle. Cinder the moderator of washington. Week washington post contributing columnists. That buys betsy. Woodruff swan a politico and republican strategists. Brendan buck. Welcome to sunday. It's meet the press from nbc news in washington the longest running show in television history. This is meet the press with chuck. Todd and.

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