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Never mind. Well, it it takes a while to condition people to actually speak to women about cars, but we I would say more than half of my customers are women. So we always made sure even if they're boyfriends husbands or their that we talked to them. And I think you need to politely. Get your boyfriend to tell this fellow that it's Jessica's car. Why don't you explain it to her because I don't know anything about cars while while that's a big step? Yeah. What's his name? What's his name? Jeremy, Tony, Tony, Tony, you think Tony's ego can take it. I think so I don't we we couple years ago. Maybe less maybe yesterday. I don't remember when it was we got a letter from a guy who was. I guess he was a college professor doing research. He sent out a female with a car and she brought the car to various shops and later sent out a guy with the same car and the same problems and in almost every single case. The woman was charged more to repair than the guy was and he was actually going to extend this into a big study. We never heard from again, I think somebody killed him. But tell you that mechanics. Do treat women quite differently from the way, they. I don't I don't think you can say it's just mechanics. I think it's builders and people involved in any kind of trade with a think the whether it's even it's the fellow who's fixing your washing machine. Well, I mean, it used to be that when people came to my house to fix things they would talk to me till they realize what a more on you when they realized what a moron. I am. Then only if they call on the phone, we talked to your wife, they Nolde an I don't know nothing. And so they've learned so it's possible to fix this. And you can train the people who are involved the tradesmen and workman because all they have to realize that the guy is a more. And you're gonna almost make that assumption. Every time that the guys more on because you'll be right? Most. But that doesn't solve the provident getting ripped off the, but what it means is that your boyfriends has to suck it up and do more than just be a nice guy. He wanted to boyfriend go with you in the first place. His job is such that he is gone one month in here one month. So he's usually hanging out with me when you hear all she can't you can't get rid of him when he's here, right? Here. What if you're right? And so when you take the KAI he takes, but he can wait outside, you know, right on the other hand his presence may save you money. Would you would you rather be treated with dignity or save money? That's tough question. Isn't it is a tough question? But you have the choice. It's nice though, you have the choice if you want to save money you bring them in. And if you wanna be treated with dignity and respect you'll ask him to stay you do when you go. When you ask the mechanic, you say how much do you think this is gonna cost if he sells you it's going to be hundreds Tony? This guy says it's going to cost three hundred fifty dollars for this tire. It was not a lot and Tony agree. All the time. That's too much. But I think you have to get Tony to say could you please talk to Jessica about this attor car, and I'll be in the waiting room. Okay. Good luck. Thank you tough world. See Jessica came back. I buy my wife doesn't bring me anywhere. I wonder why that is. One eight car talk that's eight to two seventy two five five lawyer on car.

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