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Journalist whose home was raided by San Francisco police last week or demanding the department return his notes in Queant that were seized the journalist. Brian Carmody says police FBI agent searched his home and office on Friday an effort to identify the source who gave him a copy of police report with details about public defender. Jeff Adachi death earlier this year advocates are calling the incident violation of free speech rights and house speaker in San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi wait in earlier today. I have always been a supporter of general being able to protect sources, I think it's very essential to freedom of the press kick these Sonia. Hudson has been following this story and Sonia. Remind us what exactly happened on Friday? So we know comes from Carmody himself. He. Told me he was sleeping about eight twenty in the morning on Friday because he works overnights and some police officers showed up at the security gate outside his home tried to break it down with sledgehammers at which point the acetate a search warrant they said that they did. And so he let them in. Here's how he described what happened next after they came into the house. There were as they searched my property, they you know, served every aspect of my home from addicts garage. They took several computers cameras and cell phones. Basically everything that Carmody says he needs to run his freelance journalism business. So do we know where this document that Carmody obtained do we know where it came from it likely came from the police department, we don't know for sure the police department has said this was illegal release of the report, and they are criminally investigating it as a potential case of struck of Justice along with the illegal distribution of confidential police material, so California has these laws that protect. Journalists. So it seems sort of surprising that something like this would happen here. I mean has this happened before? So the most recent case where the journalist ran into some issues with confidential sources in law enforcement was back in two thousand five two thousand six a journalist by the name of Josh Wolff was actually put into federal prison for about seven and a half months because he did not comply with a federal subpoena to give up some video footage that he shot that was not actually published. What's different here is that this is a search warrant side by state judge? And so I talked to Josh Wolff over the weekend. And that was the first question he asked me was this state or federal search warrant told him, it was a state one and that made him all the more worried. Anytime we have a situation where people are breaking down doors of journalists houses, a real panic button on democracy. So what are San Francisco police city officials the public defenders office? What are they saying about this? So the San Francisco. Department. I've sent them a lot of specific questions and they've had just a fairly fact-based statement. So far they've said citizens and leaders of San Francisco have demanded a thorough investigation of this leaked report. They call it in a legal leak people were really upset about the fact that this came out at all because it had some really unflattering details about the night that Adachi died. The public defenders office has said that they are pleased that the police department is looking into this. And that they think that the release of police reports in this fashion is wrong. But they did send out clarification earlier today that says, you know, nothing about this statement should be interpreted as condoning specific police tactics in this matter reduce Sonia Hudson covering the ongoing fallout after police raided a San Francisco journalists home on Friday, thanks so much. Thanks. Jeremy Jeremy Siegel this. Huey news. More of all things considered is just ahead.

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