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Cures Jin. Nielsen is out. You know, this is. My impression of her was that she was loyal, and she was tough. And she was out there begging for support. And so I was one of I don't know how many surprises when I found out. She was leaving. Do we know yet? Whether she was fired or as shoes. Fire. Not. She didn't resign Vala. Aster is all right. Well, it's really instructive to see how she is being blamed by the Democrats instead of Trump. She's become the whipping girl instead of Trump. According to the Democrats and the media, which of course, are one and the same. She is a horrible person for allowing Trump to put children in cages. Which Trump did not do I feel like I'm hitting golf balls of hill against the wind. Here an impossible thing to do. Trump didn't put kids in cages. Oh, Bob, put kids in cages, all of this everything that we're dealing with here that Trump hasn't yet been able to fix is something held over from the Obama years. And of course, the drive bys in Democrats don't want anybody thinking that. But every mess this country has every mess that Trump is a tempting to address is something in place because of Obama. Kirstin? Nielsen didn't put kids in cages and Trump didn't put kids in cages it was a policy that happen during the Obama years. Now, she's a monster for letting Trump separate Chevron from their parents, which Abacha and Bush and Clinton all did this has been American policy for over ten years. But it it is never become something. That was successfully weaponize, it, why would you wanna trash Bill Clinton? Why would you wanna trash baba the media? The Democrats wouldn't wanna do that. So they don't even report any of that. Of course, the Clintons and the Obamas. Never wanted to doing about immigration anyway, except keep the borders open, and even George W Bush, and that administration was for amnesty. So this is the first administration the Trump administration's actually, the first one to come along to actually respond to public pressure on this. There's new polling data out from Rasmusen. Sixty seven percent of the American people are totally opposed to what we're doing on immigration, and they wanted fixed, and nobody in Washington is listening to them Republican or democrat except Trump and the very few supporters on this issue that he has. Now, I don't know how many times I have mentioned this. And I'm sorry for those of you who have heard it all these times on mentioned again, for whatever it's worth, it's the Florida's agreement that separates children from their mommies and daddies at the border, and you will not hear about this from the Democrats or you will not read or hear about it in the drive by media Nielsen and Trump are simply trying to follow the law and not just the law, the ACLU and the ninth circuit court of appeals. Flory's settlement, which is what causes children to be separated in the first place as the flurries settlement F L R E S spell the same as the old Oakland Raiders coach, Tom floors. The floor is settlement caused the current crisis. You could argue that this the phony outrage over the separation of children is why we have the current crisis of the border in the first place. It's a manufactured crisis. It's not anything. That's new. It's been American policy mandated by decision from the ninth circuit quarter appeals. Okay. What you think of them the law's the law except immigration. See we choose to enforce some of it. But then we ignore other aspects of it. It is a mess. It's an absolute mess, and I'm gonna tell you something folks. I don't for a minute believe that these caravans and this mass exodus of people from Central America and even South America is random and organic. I think this is a plan. It is a plan that has world wide sponsors that are in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels and its sole purpose is to put all kinds of economic and societal pressure on the United States to create cr-. Have you noticed how many people who only months ago lampooning the idea that there's a crisis on the border now admitting that there's a crisis? What is that? Once again that while you're all these leftists Democrats presidential candidates on the left. No, there's no crashes the wall. No, it's overblown. We don't have. Now, they're all saying it is. They're not saying it's a crisis for the same reason. We are they're saying it's a crisis because they want to advance their own solution, which is just opened the border and end the crisis. If there's no border. There's no crisis. There's no border. You don't have any legals crossing if there's no border. There's no problem. You just let it to leave the gate openly the door of people come in. And it's just a natural flow of human beings. That's how they want to end the crisis. We of course, want in the crisis by shutting this down simply stopping immigration illegal immigration, build the wall, do whatever. Whatever resources are necessary. At I, you know, Kirstin Nielsen in this situation with standing I hope Trump hits this hard this week. It's his best issue. And he has the American people on his side. And that's why he got elected. And if the truth be told. Dare I say this, Mr. Snerdley. There are some Trump supporters out there getting nervous. That it's taking so long given that it was the number one issue and given that it has only gotten worse. This was what was supposed to be first up on the agenda fix. Okay. Here's this. She just left her. She's going to press conference here outside her home. She's an Alabama river gingy meeting the press. Now, what should I do should we gyp this? Or should. We just roll tape on it and get audio soundbites because our microphones are there. Let's go ahead and listen to a bit of it. We can always make up for lost.

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