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Is listening to Bach connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk forecasters say a cold weather will blow in this afternoon and really cold weather won't be very far behind National Weather Service says a triangle could have temperatures falling to thirty nine degrees by five o'clock this afternoon Raleigh expected to drop to twenty four degrees overnight with wind chills in the teens Wednesday morning DOT crews ready to tackle the streets as the arctic system it's the state employees were on hand in Buncombe county to prepare spreaders and plows ahead of the weather an engineer tells WLOS TV to give yourself a little extra time when traveling six people wound up in the hospital at an assisted living center in Clayton was evacuated because of a chemical spray to employees at the spring brook rehabilitation and nursing center say hazmat crews found the owner came from a chemical that was sprayed on the wheels of a metal cart to loosen a rusted or frozen parts I'm scared Kemmler well here comes a powerful front making all the weather headlines a wall of rain marching through half inch plus totals out there fifty two this afternoon northwest wind sharply colder tonight on the twenty four degrees close to record cold I'm Scott Lori more the weather channel and one of six one F. M. talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one F. M. talk dot com to connect motors you already know Easter's automotive group has thousands of the highest quality vehicles to choose from blood have you seen how Easter's continues to step it up in our community they pay it forward on fox five DC and find a role to be better community or C. B. S. ninety see whether it's supporting a local animal shelter for donating a car Easter's makes giving back a daily occurrence visit Easter's dot com slash community today to nominate someone in our community or check out what they're doing best uses dot com slash community I'm one of my all time favorite rotation tune.

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