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Warm more game. I'm going to look at here The community shield at the weekend. It's supposed to mark. Let's start the primarily exe- well at least that used to teams. Don't take i seriously anymore. We do see a little bit. We do see too many fringe players. Don't expect to see too many players coming back from the yours has so we are going to see quite a few fringe players here but we will see some of the first team is that didn't go to the yours so less than definitely will be playing james madison and jamie vardi and perhaps not those make them a good underdog. Play here five to two on the money. Line a thirteen five jaw. And it's even money on manchester city with leicester nine four to win this trophy and see available at once or three. there's no real value. There are magically let a lot of plays the went through to the yours now the plays how early exits like a ruben diaz. For example he may be able to play. But johnstone's i can't implying in this game and the poor can't see him playing this guy call walker a. c. Playing in this game ryan sterling accounts. He playing this game the broader Went out in the quarterfinals. Maybe he'll play maybe he won't Gabriel hazou not to shore to shore. What this team looks like. And i know the less the team's gonna lie. It's going to be strong has not only applies to the euro or just mentioned madison volley. They didn't go When you're looking at some indeedy heating meeting goes to yours when at taylor men's Like i said with the roy. He went out in the quarter-finals. Perhaps he can play Some some minutes here. Maybe he comes on. Maybe thoughts and comes off by. Think lester again. I fall move first team. Plays here then than manage to see what was for me. There worthwhile play here as an underdog is easy to detect manage to say. It's easy to take nancy on the money. Line until you try and factoring. Who's going to actually play this game. Now i've looked at the mattress team that they played in a friendly a couple of days ago against blackpool. We had steph goal. Joe can selo played at right-back ruben. Diaz played at centre back with nathan acai with mendy playing at left back fern. Dino is available red. Morris did play and scored in that game Then they had political palmer playing amid filled with goodman et those the and nights plane up fronts On the saab spence manchester gave some time to bernardo silva and isn't any other teams that i recognize his. So you can imagine but auto. Suva will come into this team and he will play in a position even occupied by palm. And so then you're looking at the team. I mentioned with bernardo silver any. it's Maybe we could see some minutes here for for jack. Grecian weekend are very much. Doubts it but yeah. I just don't know what this manchester city team is gonna look like if i look up. The the lost team that less out for their loss friendly. Which was the home game against pillar hours. They won by three goals to two. They very strong lineup attain lineup. That they can start on the first day of the premier league season schmelling lingo for fauna and setbacks but for fauna came off injured fullbacks with bertrand. And we're called peru's back in midfield dishes. Strong thielemans play in that game with indeedy with i obviously perez and harvey bonds outweigh james. Madison played behind jamie volley. And then you have the usual less beg so this was a team..

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