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Here. We are right. I feel like smitty today. Like they've never been less prepared. Are you in your car right. can you hear me. I'm actually on speakerphone. On my car you know we can tell so many. Did you guys both have to go to walmart pickup today. We did because we're about to get snowed in for the next few. Put the groceries into your car. What now hey your bank except you turn your video off. Didn't hear this mr technology with the and you can only have voi- or face we can't have both your your out again. I'll tell you what since. I spent our entire production budget making this hex misfortune. I don't think i have enough to buy media. Microphone while it's the perfect time for this listening to patriotic and donate to our god to help us out of this terrible misfortune that we found ourselves in which is committee and technology for virus. Coffee coffee i could use. Take a definitely a coffee today. You can find that adviser coffee beck slash. Unexplained coffee dot com. Are you with us hope. So can you hear her wiggle. You keep me. Don't move down to anything. Don't go anywhere. I'm trying not to. I mean literally. I don't know what happened. I didn't touch anything. It just went off your back with us so tell everybody how this can work. Yeah don't you go ahead and tell all of that going to work okay. Great so this can be will of fortune style excel in west view. Of course you would be spending the heck's of misfortune media. You're going again by the way we're gonna spend. It's going to land on a category c gonna give smitty and question. The loser gets hexed. We've got six categories. Today we got zuhdu curses who do plagues ails devolved. Torments that was described. Working with you all the same tire With media was one hicks after another but the loser will get the heck's cj for thirty years. We got three questions per category. Whose rates spend the heads of misfortune. Let's g aretz. What's really about this game is that i don't actually know the answers to these questions. So you guys are just at the mercy of my mood. That's great so just like in west view at the mercy of the lady in charge. So smitty are you a fan. I'm ready spin it. all right. Got fails spells arles okay. That'd be fine. Minor color coded here spell works very well okay. Who is the real bad guy in one division. Who's the real bad guy. The big bad. I'm gonna say the guy from sword good answer when i'm going to say to rate your hayward director up clinton thank. It's nice meeting both play a little bit of video games going up so the real bad guys officially known as the big bad because like in every video game there's multiple layers obey bright. No we want to know who's big we don't wanna know about balancers grandchildren. We will know. Who's the bowser. So we also want to know. You're in sarasota. Let's dive into that. So that was part of the answer. I'm trying to get extra credit here. I don't wanna hicksville put me. I'm going with the real. Big bad is clearly by the way this could be the same answer smitty gave. But it's definitely muffins. Stow the devil. Who could be posing as richer hayward but i think that director hayward is probably adoptable of pistou the devil himself. And that's the big bad there. we go. You've really stuck to that theory. That most stoves going to be involved here. I'm going to points to smitty busy. Poverty boo to you. Tim now you will only see everybody in the world as stow the devil. You won't be able to tell anybody apart until all look like the devil to well. That's pretty much. What does working luckily pretty much choice. No one already. That's true all right. Let's manda wheel of the. Oh i'm sorry. The hexa graham of misfortune. Smeeting converged new deal. Next time we should really color coordinates. I stood this be on purple like yours. But it's not okay. Who do for one. Who is the aerospace engineer. That monica no ma turns me. Oh yeah sure go for well smitty. Who do you think it is. Who do you just turn those. Jim the aerospace engineer. I have no clue you might as well go ahead. I've gotta get one. We'll go ahead tight the that i'm going to answer this since you don't have. Any clue. engineer is aerospace engineer. As posited on ready yesterday although not this particular part of it. The aerospace engineer is none other than one reed. Richards mister fantastic. Oh yeah okay. Super strategy super brain. Yeah that's true meeting parade. I mean you're just giving me the benway's yes him for answering the question to your who do is going to be. The cowboys are cursed to never win. A game. Varga suits me just fine. Elect carson going to get that one. Okay i'll tell you what you better be ready to make that who do come through spin that wheel. Minnesota did bring gains from any. We've got torments. Okay for men for one point. What is going on with vision. Well well ours is based on the computer sales. I hear in the background. I think that related. I haven't seen a walmart and westview yet. This would make me pretty mad to what do you what is going on with vision. That's is the question is some kind. Why is going on vision. I don't think visions really vision. Personally i think he's something else 'cause visions bay so i think she is manifested vision from the nails. How about you tim. Davidson answer so deja is clearly has clearly been reanimated with wonder man's brainwaves. I'm still sticking to it. It's still in play. Wanda took his body vision had declared in his last will and testament to his lawyers. His lawyer was actually daredevil. By the way matt murdock. He declared to matt murdock. I don't wanna be reanimated. Because i could be used for. Evil sword was already re animating him for nefarious purposes. Wanda took him. Wanda infused him with her. Favorite action heroes brainwaves. No wonder man and this is a vision wonderman frankenstein. I'm tempted to award. Smitty the point just because he kept his answer clear and concise but only because you have been so dedicated to this theory as well. We'll give you the one point. Tim and midi here. Torment is that you are going to be forced to listen to janice littman retail your life story. That was the girlfriend from friends with really annoying voice. Oh yeah it's going to read the whole thing here in mouse answer that question pretty much four men and i'm not gonna say you're wrong all right now. Spending tax the torment for me would be having go. No can you not see me now. We can see you case see smitty. Wanda's runs staring at the. Do our first food is meeting. I grew up not to new orleans. So i actually all. Let's do this. You own through to doll okay. I should i should go. That explains so much to do for one point. Who brought peter to west to deal. And i'm going to have tim gophers to breath. Peters who westville like that take charge host to said itunes. Peter was brought to west view by wander. There's lots of different ways this to go down. But i'm going with this. Peter was brought to you by wanda plugged. Not listen to me say that word late last few weeks clogged from the exit universe. And here he is a lot more to be revealed. All right. who brought peter to westview us. They must fifth though brownie for jumping on the festive rain. I think if you don't get the credit but fist though Pherson is name. that's not appropriate fist. Oh it's a long way from north carolina but my skin reached it for people Right well since. I have no idea who peteris guy hadn't give you each one point for that but i'm also going to give a curse on you. Which is that each time you go to watch marvel show. You will fall asleep into never watch it first right now. We've been sitting walmart. That may be mississippi and it's gonna rain. Let's go get bread and milk so everybody in your entire county. Sitting in that parking lot..

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