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Do they care cover every possible in? Everything is brand new, and in which is stemming to look at everything from a different perspective. When are we going to be able to line up twenty seven and a half? Thousand people shoulder to shoulder outside. The Pietermaritzburg City Hall to run back to German. Would you. Be. At who's GonNa tell us. Able to do that. We have I don't know how much we have a you know. One of our major hospital and emergency services groups is one of our sponsors net care, and I don't know what percentage of the total percentage of their resources they divert to comrades on on Race Day, but it's it's significant. And when are they going to be able to do that again? I suspect. Shower when you when you realize that you were going to have to I postponed. This year. We all I'm sure like many of us. You kind of gone to lucky won't be that bad. It's not going to affect South Africa. Okay! And suddenly there will be adorning moment of hang on a minute this. We might be postponing here. I talk out those moments. Immodest two stories. There's a personal story in. The official stove story. South American, and I'm pretty addicted to. To CNN and I'm not a good sleeper, so in the morning when I wake up before clock in the morning I usually watch two hours of CNN and sometime in January. It dawned on me personal. Okay, but it never it South Africa. Just dawned on the unfinished. Personally that this this is worldwide is going somewhere. This is really scary, so that was me per. That we had our first case in South Africa I think it was other sixth or seventh of March before the a few days before that we'd had a board meeting, and nowhere in the entire minutes or the conversations of that entire board meeting was the word corona virus, or covered, even mentioned it was, it wasn't even a remote consideration at that end of February meeting, and had a first cason beginning of March and then a few days later. I think about fifteen sixteen we then. Convened a special board meeting to talk about it. Because because that was the weekend when Boston postponed London polls. Thing on the English premier league, so that was put into suspension and in a NBA boss. Caputo stopped so things are happening all over the world top happening in South Africa yet and so we had a meeting and we said we'll at this point in time..

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