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You know, I would not make any would pass where we get like an alien expert to come in and sort of sell this puzzle for us. How could you say that we're the we're it the entire universe? Maybe you're right. You're stars. That would only ones that this happened. Yeah. Speaking of science fiction van Karoo says all onto idiots podcasting about with a wheel. Yeah. No. There's got to be more wheels out there. Quantum leap. Feels like the perfect season. Three episode seven edition. Yeah. It's like, but I loved it's not great enough terrible. And what was it again, the description that quantum leap episode? No, he describe it. Let's let's look it up. I'm definitely up for this. If you are I think, it's the same thing. I I'd say like remind us again in a few months like this can't be the first fishbowl thing that comes up because I think the young people myself included should be yourself include like, yeah. When was the show on don't have a real girl. Chinese the the idea of quantum leap is that Scott back ULA is a sign. Scientists and he's able to travel through time in his lifetime and already the Akiva slash Mike francesa is saying what Seifi? I didn't watch it. I was watching a Parcells coach the giants. Okay. That was good, Mike. I think this. I think it's fine. Like if there's two hundred episodes of the show for one of the quantum leap. Yeah. The fictional right now. Yeah. So So. it's charged episode. Sam becomes a black medical student during the watts riots torn between his white fiance and loyalties community doesn't like. Labraya it. You know what I mean? It didn't include the episode description. He wanted to trick us. Yes, I'm sure because it was an early ninety show the Hansel they handle all issues of racial serious show. So yeah, they dealt with Vietnam they dealt with a lot of a lot of hot button subjects interested with a great. It's very well done show. There are there are probably episodes Sam quantum leaps into Dr Ruth one episode. So I think being locked into season, Dr Ruth Westheimer. Yes. Scott back. She was. Yes. And in the episode. Yeah. When he looks in a mirror. He's Dr Ruth Westheimer got us. They headed acting. She's still doing her thing. Okay. Okay. Last one a says three EPs seven desperate housewives shows the perfect combination of having been Connick at one time. But not beloved anyone will be mad at you pointing out. It's obvious ridiculousness. This happens to be one of the most dramatic the whole show in a perfect one off episode to recap. I don't know how excited I would be for. Housewife stand fine. If like Kirsten mcginnis Ronin is like you don't understand like I have a desperate housewives tattoo. It'd be like all right. You could have on. But I think we'd need a housewife expert, or if she doesn't really you're just saying that if no, of course, not. But like blooms the world like shut up Tim, you might get the tattoo just to come on the show and be like, look I've had this all along. This is a five year old tattoo of desperate housewives a hostage situation. A supermarket changes. Everyone's lives. That's what. The scriptures. Yeah. Okay. From November fifth two thousand six. Okay. What of the show? I forgot. All right. All right. We had one thing to the wheel nothing season. Three episode seven. All right. Are we gene that it? The season. Three episode seven to worth five spots on the wrecked. Five thoughts on the wheel my God. Okay. There's only like ten or eleven things on the wheel now. So it's got it's got a YouTube percentage. Huge huge percentage. Okay. All right. Here's what's on the wheel right now season. Three episode seven CSI, New York kids shows are trash Rob's choice. Keita's choice Oregon trail the rise. And fall of Jonathan Taylor. Thomas wizard..

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