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Okay let me. Let's start here before. We get to brooklyn and milwaukee about the tip off in brooklyn. What the clippers. We were just talking about that. I can t no. I think it could be if they get to the finals. Of whatever turning point in the franchise down to nothing you know losing the first two games at home down thirty to eleven in game. Three and kawhi leonard goes off and turns the whole series around their comeback win. It could jump start a franchise in an organization to finally shake that tag like you know. Gloom and doom. Nothing's ever gonna work out and they came back what you think about the comeback. And what the clippers did you know. I i loved it. I think what. What t- lou was when he switched out patrick beverley and put reggie jackson in one. Two is There's a the offense is run a little differently You know you still see paul struggle. You know five fifteen five for sixteen or something like that From the field so he didn't have the best seven game Seventh game but What i love the most About that with the guys that were resilient right. They didn't they because listen dallas. Had them like this last year and they came back and squeeze it out right so i'm sitting here thinking. Is it tied lou. Is it the switchover. Reggie jackson was dallas. Just you know just have it. Don't i don't think porzingis was in the game. Truthfully because you know comes out that he wanted touches. So i don't think in ryan knows this. If you don't have touches and you offense the player the rest of your game kinda suffers and mentally him playing the four and not getting touches you know throughout the series that most of the season. I just don't think that dallas was at their peak. Even though luca was you know beyond amazing i i just don't think they got a best dallas team you know so i as much as the clippers did well resilient of winning game six and seven. I wanna see how they do well in this. Next series casino was so maybe what's up oj five. I don't just grinding a casino. You have never gotten the credit for your game if you plane. Today's game i. I see so much you've been told you obey baby. James harden as intelligent players counterpunchers. You make the right place. We talked about the clippers. We've compared brooklyn to the east coast clippers. The way that they were able to assemble around that big three of their when james harden young casino went out of the game and the early moments in brooklyn took care of business. Can we signed sealed delivered a championship over to the nets a it. Did you feel that way. Them knocking off the bucks like that. I feel that way i listened. Kevin durant can carry a team career in any day and blake griffin. You gotta really realize had twenty and ten career hat twenty five thirty five right right exactly. So it's not like he was he had bombs with you have guys that are like illegal right. One was one of the best in the league. A few years back and forth needs went down right and the other two are still that right. Top five damage ever want to one. So it's not that. And then milwaukee to is that you know they had it. They had little rusty. They had some days off. I uni wage six hundred thirty something. Threes that you made and you know they boxed it in and when you box if you're not making threes than your boxing on on your honest it's kinda hard to win if you're if you're the bucks clan and that type of office so i say that to say listen brooklyn. Did they stop. They wanted home like this is supposed to do. I just don't think right now. We're excited about that. i need to see brooke. I need to see the bucks. Comeback have really good shooting night and see where it goes from there. Okay i've say. Kawai and kevin durant and shoot degrading grady from three. I i think they were five for fifteen or four for fifteen. It wasn't that grady. But but you're right the bucks didn't this this game two will be interested. Our guest this katina mobile former nba veteran. Hey who do you like in. The phoenix series. May that that's going to be good. I like phoenix for the simple fact of being a guard Being a smart guard these two of the smartest of the smartest guards and you have baby. Kobe why i mean look there when it comes to and i've always been a fan of him since the summer league before he was even pro Footwork i think how he leads the team and yet you have monty williams. Who's the solve a year. You have chris. Paul who's teaching them how to win and how to really manage the game right and i think that's what it is for death And when you had those two guys in a game right you know that you know if i got the ball in my hands and we're tied up or down one we got. We got a right high percent chance of winning. Because i'm going to dictate exactly how the game goes whether it's files it's it's time out like Exposing the week defender Guys open. I mean you have chris. Paul and devon booker doing that and devon booker. I mean the way he shoots me outside his membranes. Just post up some taking to the basket is like could see no. I'm on my ass. You to put your coaches had on a lot of people don't know versus out analysts coach. You can do it all and you still got gain casino dodger you right might value. But i'm gonna ask you to be tai lue going up against utah rudy. Gobert is absolutely excellent. Excellent potential defensive player of the year. Is this a series. Where you'd matchup with zubac botch big for big with him. Or do you go small. Enforce them to have to post you or you kind of play back and forth. what your thought process. What can we look for for the clippers vs utah. I don't think they did a bad job with dallas bakes. Now you you're looking at like you know you come in. Utah does a lot of dribble weeds and pick and rolls. So then there's a gobert is is to the basket right This help side is going to be needed. And when the clippers. The clippers are so unique. They're like average six eight right beside greg jackson. These guys they can switch a lot but zoom that an amazing job of getting his hands on the ball even donald bogue put the ball down by his waist. And you know unicorn that he didn't really play physical. I it's not like rudy rudy. Office a player just that when they do that. Pick and roll. It's hard to cover a seven ten guy rolling to the basket right so With a lot of those three point shooters and a lot of A moot rudy. I would put me personally. I will put It I would keep it small right and you bring you bring in the big. You bring the big in when you want to file a little bit but you change in the game because now rudy has come outside so now when he comes outside kawai come in there with the mid range and paul coming in with the mid range and all those guys rudy's outside it helps them better helps the more Because they're more membranes killers than they are. Three points take a casino. Last thing we've got about a minute left did philly blow a golden opportunity. I mean they get thirty nine out of embiid who people didn't even know of us gonna play or not and they still couldn't win at home. I mean i was stunned when i saw the score. You know an and how they made it close and came back at the end but they were getting blown out in that game today.

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