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Most poor desperate places on earth there was no access to healthcare no access to clean water education services or food for the people and i saw what was happening was as we north the regular iraqi army was retreating to make a final stand in baghdad and meanwhile saddam was putting his fedayeen forces south and he was going hut to hut in these rural villages coercing poor farmers to fight us basically saying look we'll drop a bag of rice off at your hut if you'll pick up this weapon go fight these guys ten miles south here and we were finding these guys by the hundreds and thousands that really set the stage for that morning on the road and highway seven i got about of my fighting hole and i i wanted to walk the lines check my guys because we were all scared and i looked up and i saw a small white car approaching from the north well they just started using suicide bombing techniques i thought they were packing the car full of explosives that they would blow themselves up so i grabbed three my guys we took off running to try to stop this car i fired a warning shot across the hood finally the car stopped about fifty meters up the driver jumped out starts waving his arms frantically and sprinting at us now i think this guy strapped himself with explosives you're going to blow himself up so i'm yelling at him and arabic trying to get him to get on the ground and he's not stopping i raised my weapon they're going to have to take out the sky and i look behind his car and i see a large black military truck roll up behind his little car six guys in black jump out of the truck ran up to his car and began shooting into the car this guy stopped dead in his tracks turnaround starts screaming and running back to the car and that's when i realized what was happening this guy was one of those poor farmers who was just trying to escape across our lines in his family so yellow my guys and told him to take out the fedayeen and i ran as fast as i could to try to.

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