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We don't know that the limits of her powers and we don't. You know, she's very kind of nebulous about it too. And and status. He's almost like an addict here and the way she treats the like the the way she treats them. And then like when he kinda realizes that she's not having it and he kinda like staggers back and says, oh, your fires, burning low, my Lord. I don't know. What is this third? What is this other way that demand sacrifice? Yeah, I, I just can't get over how desperate STAN seems in the scene. You know, he is desperately trying to cling to the one person that still has faith in him when he's lost everyone else. Right. And it just he really plays it up. Your left. The wonder like, who is the member of standards has family that might have some of his Royal blood still still in them. Lot's see. Danny's introduced to the walk of punishment as they call it, which is a stretch of the walls where slaves are beaten and displayed warnings to other slaves who might disobey or whatever crime they committed. It's a warning based and wants to leave now. But Giora says she needs an army in this particular army is well equipped to not get caught up and kill innocence in the fight which based in he's not buying a, he has more romantic notion of war where people fight for a cause, not because they're bought and paid for enjoys response radar fought valiantly radar fought nobly and regard died. I mean, I, this is a great balancing because like you know, barest. You can't use slaves the fight, and and you know, Jordan's right back like, well, how many innocence have you known die and all the battles? And like he tells us personal story, like the shit show that was a sackings landing where people were raped and murdered and babies heads were bashed in and was really grisly sight. And he's like, you know, the unsullied won't do that because it's not personal them. They'll only kill who you tell them to. And he said, this is a really great line about. This is a beast that lives an every man that you unleash when you put a sword in their hand. But the sullied aren't men, which I thought was a was was, was was great. And then the retorts like, well, you know, your brother died. People died for your brother because they believed in him in loved them, not because they're bought and you know, that's it's, it's good. I think the sparring between, you know, the the triad here has been pretty good, and I've mostly taken Giora side on all this because you know, while he's describing essentially owning a slave army, right? He's also making a lot of good points about you will treat them much better than they're being treated and the and you know, add to the fact that they won't go raping and pillaging and you send them into to attack your enemy's that that's a strong argument right for for buying these unsullied. But other hand, it's like always. The question of like your lining, the pockets, and you're perpetuating the system. If you buy that and like bears doesn't have a great counter or will weaken higher sell swords. Well, they're going to be expensive and they're gonna be fighting for gold. This is not bears in contradicts himself because that's the real plan is like, hey, let's razor banners fly. Let's let's let's ship over to Kingsland. I kings landing, but west rose and land somewhere and start building popular support. But he's not advocating that he's advocating buying people's loyalty. So it's not great either with gold that they don't have..

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