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I'm Keith Peters. US officials say they're aware of a report of a missile test by North Korea White House and Pentagon say they are aware of a report of a North Korean missile test. But no other information has been provided North Korea's state run Korean Central News agency says a new type technical guided weapon was fired by the academy of defense science. According to the announcement, the country's leader Kim Jong unobserved the firing after a February summit in Hanoi between Kim and President Donald Trump failed. Some observers were expecting low level provocations from the north. However, it was likely not a ballistic missile test, which would jeopardize diplomatic talks. I Mike Rossier? A tour bus carrying German tourists crashed on Portugals Madeira Island on Wednesday killing twenty nine people and injuring twenty eight other officials in Madeira and nationally the president and the pine minutes to have expressed condolences to the gym and government. It was about six thirty pm local time that. This came off the roads in Caen still which is near the capital of Dera Flint shell it ended up lying on its side. And it does seem as though the passengers who were killed were projected from the bus the BBC's. Allen Allison Roberts correspondent zero shack. Reports nearly a billion dollars in donations poured in from ordinary worshippers and high power magnets around the world for the vast restoration of Madan come to came from the far which impor- from and magnates Orioles Chanel Dior to Catherine petitioners and others from small towns and cities around funds and the world experts in the threshold of realism estimating the restoration would cost into to the hundreds of millions although that can allege it is too early to be set in on Wall Street that by three points..

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