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Hey everybody walking back tonight call. We're GONNA talk about something we've been talking about wanting to talk about I as long as we've been podcasting. The Sopranos Test. What do you tell our listeners? About your November tradition. Okay ten years ago I started a tradition and I haven't done it every year. I try to but sometimes you know I'm just doing other stuff as one does but I tried to start watching the sopranos right before Thanksgiving sometimes on Thanksgiving from the beginning in previous years I start with the pilot and I worked my way all the way through and usually I can usually get new year's like I'm I'm really committed but but this year I took last year off. I only dabbled. I didn't watch the whole thing but I watched some this year. I decided that I am going to watch it will I I I was like I might just go. Oh with the episodes I remember best and then go through all of the episodes in kind of a random order and see how that feels but now I think having watched two you of my favorite episodes the finale very divisive obviously and Kennedy and Heidi. I think I might watch the finale that I just watched two days ago again and then go backwards through the yeah. I know I'm crazy. I respect this stuff you if you learn anything new from that you should tell us immediately. That feels like listening to a record backward clocks we'll start like finning and review twin peaks. Remix it is. It's it's really interesting when you start from a strange place in the sopranos because it also kind of reminds you i. I saw the Sopranos When I was home I think I may have been in college and I was in Connecticut over winter break with my mom and she was what she had just gotten really into the Sopranos and it was like on? HBO and it was the Tracy. The episode which is also one of my favorite episodes. And I was like what is this and I sat down and we just watched it kind of like even in high school but anyway we were like watching it in silence silence and it was so awkward. 'cause the Tracy episode is like I mean they're all extremely violent but it was very violent and how they tracy has Pantoliano. That's like one of the most horrifying horrifying episode but also that's the soprano. Yeah that's I think that's that might might have been one of the first TV episodes at ever made me cry. Oh Yeah I mean it was so fat like it was incredible and I think she's actually a yoga teacher now. The actress who played trace her for every so often. I'm like what's up with Tracy the she's an amazing actually so phenomenal yeah. I don't think I'd seen her in anything else since then But yeah test your yearly viewing of the Sopranos made me be like. That's a good idea. I'm going to copy you and then I started doing it too. It's a really great holiday thing. Yeah and it's just just like I could watch it all the time and now that we're like so far away from it in the oversaturated TV world but like so few things are or as good as that. Yeah I always says nothing is as good. Nothing is as good. But it's always weird to me to be like the first batch of shows that were prestige shows that I loved. Were all like not famous people and just really character driven and not super high budget and now it feels like it's turned into movies where people are just like whoever spends the most is GonNa win which also so is improving to be true and that's one of the things I'm really stoked about Elena Smith Show Dickinson. Doing so well is that it is a very specific vision by specific person. Person has going for. So you're you guys are going to murder me for saying this but like I did watch. I actually started watching Sopranos a couple of months ago. Oh I think I watched the first season or maybe I didn't get through the entire first season but like one thing that I was struck by 'cause I haven't watched it rewatching nearly as much as you guys But man you don't have to go back too far for this but sopranos is a great example of it. TV shows that are actually shot on film. There is a nice feeling there you can you can. You can taste the difference. I mean it's true also like it makes New Jersey La Click the most beauty. Yeah Yeah World in New Jersey is beautiful and I was always trying to convince my folks to move to New Jersey because I was like. It's so cool because you could just go into New York York and then you get to be in beautiful New Jersey and they just like relentlessly made fun of me because they were like yeah you you just can't even you can't say that. Yeah but it is. It's very very beautiful in New Jersey just across the river but it's one thousand miles. It's true but yeah we. I'm in a forest emily and molly to be watching more Sopranos Panos throughout the next couple of months. But I did want to recommend if you are just wanting to watch a single episode. I'M GONNA make them recommend which ones they love the most. But I'm I'M GONNA stand for Kennedy and Heidi as one of my favorite episodes is the eighty third. I believe episodes from the season. But it's great for a number of reasons. It's a lot happens Jarred my memory because it's been a way long time since I watched a success six isn't it was soprano. Okay spoiler alert. Go Away if you if you don't know anything about the Sopranos go away is comfortably Numb as playing in the car Dr Christopher when Kennedy and Heidi are two teams and they just are in this. It's titled Kennedy and Heidi but they're just like two teenagers on their learner's permit driving at night and you see them for a brief second. They're having a conversation at which point Christopher's driving the car. He swerves to avoid them. The car rolls over and then something else happens that I just can't bring myself to spoil it interesting whenever you to be like watched the climactic point over the series. Well I don't know if you should if you haven't ever seen the Sopranos obviously you have to start from the pilot and work your way through but if you've seen the sopranos and you WanNa like dip dip back in back in I there's also because so Paul you know polly's adopted mother has recently passed away. She's having dueling funeral with another main character. Who has also died died about episodes? There are no bad episodes. But also I think in Kennedy and Heidi the cat who stares at a picture and meows a lot. I think that that or maybe. That's in the finale. But that was like another one of my favorite elements is like the animals are reincarnations of people who have cast. Yes so anyway. We are all going to be watching the sopranos for months and months. And you're invited to join and if you have thoughts about the sopranos give us a call at two four zero four four six night. I think I know which one I'm every watch which one which I think is a good episode. I picked a weird up. I did Mister Rogers neighborhood. Which is the season three opener? which just like about the FBI bugging the house as a framing device? So it's like only intermittently about any of the main characters but it features one of my favorite moments the whole show. which is Tony singing dirty work by steely Dan alone in his car? Just like a ten second one of the best parts of the show and I watched things around the sopranos like the Matrix which co-stars Joe Pantoliano right of course and the movie fallen which co-stars James Gandolfini and Ada Turow as a hot I love Janice the other another really good one is the Janice under the boardwalk thing but will yeah. I'll get into that later. Emily really what were you gonNA which one we're going to start with. I don't know the title of the episode off the top of my head but it's the one where Christopher's GonNa write a movie. Oh yes I just remembered that the closing credits on that are Cake Frank Sinatra and for some reason that like stuck in my head. I thought that it was like the most epic like black. Cut Two credits that I had ever seen very good. They were so that was one of their little flair find song by cake. Oh great I saw. Yeah put it on many mix CD. Yeah before we wrap up the Sopranos segment. We did get a night taxed. I believe I don't know that our third night texter gave a name but they say hey night call just wanted to share that people. Always forget that polly's car horn is the theme from the Godfather. And that's one of my favorite favorite small things on this show Is that that's a and that's a real car horn like that's A. That's a thing you can get a car. That does a song. Yeah Yeah here there's a little Cuckoo Cucaracha when you hear some downs very common out here but I feel like I've heard the godfather one in New York. Yeah well yeah. We'll we're GONNA.

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