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Six six ninety red eye he's eric harley and i'm gary mcnamara welcome and good morning developments uh eight night uh as we found out of a marylou a dan lee back on us soil she arrived around seven thirty local time at la acts and was being escorted by fbi agents again we don't know of those agents were on board that plane with her as she flew back from manila yesterday sheriff lombardo and other authorities indicated that they had a an open line consistent lima guess of communication with her in recent days and so uh she has arrived on american soil as you mentioned you so as some of the raw video coming out of la axe she was in a wheelchair yes you we don't know why but she certainly will be spending some time with the fbi and other authorities as they look to learn what she knew if anything about the plans that steven paddock had and then carried out on sunday night in las vegas and other news since a a yesterday afternoon how forcement officials us from cbs investigating whether the las vegas gunman steven paddock had been planning an earlier attack in the city a law enforcement source confirmed to cbs news yesterday uh the source who was briefed on the police investigation said paddock had apparently tried to get a room at the ogden and another hotel in downtown las vegas but apparently the specific suites he requested were book the source speculated the paddock may have been seeking rooms that were strategically located to the festival to launch an attack the daily beast first reported that pat i may even planning an earlier attack paddocks motive for the deadly massacre remains unclear earlier his brother said at a press conference tuesday that the shooting does was not representative of the steve we know that we knew if you're going to call him crazy because he's angry than better call every one on the news uh crazy person eric paddock said we know also had came out yesterday the information that day he steven product had transferred uh roughly one hundred thousand dollars to a bank account in the philippines investigators looking at as uh uh and the possibility that as some type of life in which you know life and throw life insurance payment uh two ms donnelly right i also the the other reports were from uh trying to go the the the daily wire and i've got.

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