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Well. I was a bit hesitant about this episode because I, think what are the issues get when people send me emails and everything about like they want that special sauce at that magic that you can dislike puts you can just one role in also new have a bestseller. and. You'll make a lot of money and you don't have to do a lot of work in when I was writing down my tips for Martini. I realized a lot of my tips. Art long-term tips. So I think I'm going to away some people because it's not going to be that one like you could hit that special button on your keyboard and all of a sudden you're going to be the money's is going to be rolling in doesn't happen that way nine well, fuck you don't Wanna listen to this anymore. Why are you the special button on the Special Schools? Well, you drop their Year. He is the f-bomb girl I was getting a bit. Jealous. Right. I'm starting off with my sakes and I thought I'd start off with the absolute Chris Goo things that you need Yes. Some of the things that we're GONNA cut we cover not necessarily critical but these first three are absolutely critical and I can't stress it enough and you know we've talked about let's say won't cover. Now we've talked about this before we did an upset on covers if he gave back and have a look our archive, there's an accident covers at least in that lesbian fiction covers still a little bit wanting and if you want to stand up from the crowd, get a good professionally designed book cover it says the people. book by its cover and it's true. They do so w anyone he tells you that they don't because they do and what you need to do to sell books is to get covered. The entices redes- in, it's got to be legible. The title is going to be legible didn't have the title in white writing over some grainy picture that you can't read is your name should be legible is going to work is a thumbnail because there it's going to be main looked down a phone or a laptop screen. It's going to be one that works in your Zumra to have a look in the genre and see what's working what's not and Cope at its go to tell the reader. What kind of book they're going to get a glance it's a romance she be romantic covers, pink read gold. Some sense if it's a thriller should be spiky colours and it should probably have a mysterious person on the cover. Is True. The economy's change later he didn't he not wedded to one cover, but you should try and get it right the first time the. Best Way to do that is to work with a professional designer and then not expensive as you think and if you really can't afford it, you can get a made to measure cover and some of them are really good and you can get those speaking as for as little as twenty five dollars I. Pick One up to twenty five bucks I did the last one I paid seventy five bucks so. Therefore double and remember if you if you going into anything is going to cost you money upfront it. This whole business is going to cost you money if you get cover is going to pay back. I made the mistake with London calling I didn't look at the rining nothing about it and my first couple travel books take make my mistake. But as I said, you can always change it later. Yes. I agree with that. So that's a that's a that's a good tip. It's very.

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