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Tonio Brown, who's an amazing remarkable player of the most talented wide receiver since Jerry Rice, maybe more talented, not sure he's the complete player that Jerry Rice was, but he's unbelievably talented. And he said yesterday about the Pittsburgh Steelers win new and by the way, the great James Harrison, multiple Super Bowls five time pro bowler former Steeler, very critical of the Steelers played for the patriots last year is joining us in an hour and a half, but Antonio Brown said yesterday, I feel like the window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller now is the time. Absolutely. This time we'll leave. We'll have to be the time. I could not disagree more Pittsburgh's window is five. Five years. First of all, big bench thirty, six. He talked about retirement nonstop. Then they got rid of Todd Haley, five minutes later, he stopped talking about retirement, big, Ben's got three to four great years left. He was very good. He's never been a precision guy like Aaron Rodgers or Brady buddy is a great player. They have to pro bowlers on the offensive line. Both have several years left. The Rooney's are not selling the franchise anytime soon. Meaning they'll have elite imperialistic ownership. They have the next great wide receiver in the league, and nobody drafts wide receivers better than the Pittsburgh Steelers for the last twenty years in this league from high war to the latest greatest juju Smith Schuster he's twenty one years old. They've got too unbelievable. Linebackers. I love both t. j. watt and Ben debris. So they got their anchors on defense. And these days you gotta have linebackers Antonio Brown by the way. Got three great years. Been Pittsburgh left their their organization is incredibly well run. By the way, the. Bengals aren't and the Browns aren't two of the league's four five. Most functional franchises aren't going anywhere in their division unless they're realizing divisions, the Browns, and the bangles are going to have to go and play Pittsburgh twice a year in Pittsburgh owns both. Cleveland can't beat him in the Bengals. Can't beat him by the way. What's Baltimore right now. Next five years, who's their quarterback? They don't wanna pay flacco. I don't know anything about Lamar Jackson. He was good in college. I don't know if you're going to be good in the NFL. What about Libyan bell? What about him? He's the window. He's barely the blinds in out the window. He was out for fourteen games in two thousand fifteen and twenty sixteen. There were ten in four ever the touchdown more a game more yard, rushing game, and I like him lady in bells. Great player this. He's not the window big, Ben's the window. He's the blinds. He was gone for fourteen games. There were ten and four. Okay. An average more than a touchdown more game, Seattle. Nls window. You could tell me that's closed or closing a New England, Tom Brady leaves that windows gonna close. They're gonna shut that thing about five minutes Carolina. If Cam Newton can't get it going with north Turner, north Turner makes every quarterback goodne- fishing. If Cam can't do it with him after this year, they're going to be people in that organization that are tired of Cam. He's gonna wear people out rollercoaster Cam Goodyear bad. You're good, you're bad. You're good. You're bad year. Pittsburgh's not going anywhere best ownership lease dysfunctional organization, best quarterback easily in the division star BAC star receiver, star offensive line. They draft better than anybody in the division. They've got their next to great linebackers have their next great wide receiver in place there next to great offensive lineman. If levian bell leaves. I like him, but he's not the window. He's the blinds. Big band is fantastic. And have you noticed something? Have you noticed since Todd Haley left in talk about retirement more like an hour later. Y'all play forever. All these guys. Here's something else about this league. Is that it's a no huddle league and it's more and more a bubble screen league when Big Ben take shots. Now he chooses to take shots..

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