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I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay. New center and the highway patrol now telling us more about that. Bizarre accident that led to a deadly wreck on I forty in Oklahoma City with the latest now, here's KT. Okay. As Calvin right? Vitrolles says the semi truck that lost her wheel assembly Monday on I forty in Oklahoma City an incident which killed the woman has been located the deceased identified as thirty-three o'casey. Moore's of Yukon say that semi truck was sounded repair shop in Gainesville Texas from the driver apparently didn't realize what had happened no visible evidence semi was an unsafe condition. The focus of the investigation now is to determine if the wheel assembly was tampered with or if there was a product failure DNA testing further. Incriminates death row inmate Julius Jones who was convicted of the nineteen ninety nine murder of an Edmund man who was gunned down in his parents driveway in his SUV was stolen. Now. Jones supporters have launched a massive campaign to free him from prison claiming that he was wrongfully convicted a witness to the killing of Paul how told police the shooter wore a red bandanna on his face the murder weapon wrapped in a red bandanna was found in the home of Jones parents has done. Defense asked for DNA testing. They even chose the lab the state paid for it. State attorney general Mike counter announcing today the testing was a match to Jones, and he says it's an additional validation of the trial and appellate process improving. Jones. Guilt Tulsa police have arrested two suspects now in the deaths of three people whose bodies were found October fourteenth in a burning house. And then later it was found that each victim had been shot in the head twenty year old Andrew Canard and Twenty-three-year-old Keenan Burkhalter have been arrested and charged with three counts of first degree, murder and one count of arson. The victims included a seven year old girl. Her Twenty-seven-year-old father and his Twenty-seven-year-old cousin. Investigators say the girl and her father were still alive. When the house was set on fire. A historic announcement today from Cherokee nation chief Bill John Baker. He says the tribe is partnering with Oklahoma state university to create the OSU. College of osteopathic medicine at the Cherokee nation. It will be the first ever tribally affiliated medical school in America. He says it will improve the health of rural Oklahomans and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered state corrections director, Joe Alba says Oklahoma is making little progress on Justice reform in at state prisons are bursting at the seams with over twenty seven thousand inmates. The state board of corrections has approved his one point five billion dollar budget. Request for an ex Piscopo year that includes extra funding to add fifty two hundred beds for pay raises facility repairs an inmate hepatitis C treatment, the department's current appropriation is just five hundred million dollars..

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