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Well i think not only that and this is what i said right off the bat when they signed all these contracts and everybody was apoplectic. Here go the knicks nixon. All around kazooing all around the off-season again know what they were doing was saying to themselves were the knicks. Were the new york freaking knicks. And we've been a laughing stock for a long time. You know what we're not a laughingstock anymore. And we don't need to be a non laughing stock for all that long until some of the sar players around the league. Start looking older dur- during the knicks ter- interesting there. The knicks again. Look what happened to the nets. The nets were a laughingstock. Then they weren't for a hot second and then they were a superstar free agency destination. The knicks can do that via trade or free agency down the line. They can get cap space into into seasons very easily. We'll talk about all that in a minute. Let's let's let me ask you much simpler question. Who's the starting center of the new york knicks. Such a good questions act and it's actually a wrote today. Friday it is about that golden. It's continued me because mitchell robinson was the starter. When he was healthy last season he was not healthy often. He suffered two significant injuries. I think it was limited to thirty regular season games and nerlens noel. Really filled inadequately was a big part of that nick. Defense when robinson was out. Who's a big part of why the knicks ended up with the fourth best defensive rating and then he signs a three year deal in the off season to come back to new york. Noel that has enriched robinson was extensible still is extension eligible. But i think the knicks have pretty much decided that they're gonna let him go into unrestricted free agency next summer so such an interesting It just an interesting backstory there with the center position because they're gonna be battling in training camp for the starting spot. Timetable does said throughout the year. Like he didn't care who started in who finished. He was happy to have to really good does starts. You guys all get obsessed with the started five. Who finishes is is was. That is that actually. Yeah that's audio from last year. That's not replaying that i haven't tape from his His an interview. I did with him so he know but he was right because they got great rim protection. No matter who was in who is just gonna be interesting because you have no l. at around ten million a year. Is he going to be coming off of your bench and when you have given him that much money i think robinson the starting job is his to lose going into this thing. But that's one of the fun position battles for the next going into training camp up in tarrytown. Well that's that's one. I ask that question for this reason. Because the as i said the knicks were number one in field. Goal percentage allowed at the rim mitchell robinson. Look we've been waiting on the mitchell robinson leap for a while now. It hasn't really happened. He still has some of the same bad habits he's had but he's still a damned dangerous deterrent around the basket nerlens. Well had a career season last year. Career season was absolutely outstanding for the next steals blocks rim protection a little more discipline on the boards. All of it right and when you think about how much of a hit his team gonna take defensively. If any a lot of it comes down to julius randle head by far the best defensive season of his career. How much of that is sustainable. Talked a lot about how much offense is sustainable. We should have the other side of the floor. Conversation to know ellen robinson. How much of that is sustainable. If those guys can answer those questions in the affirmative. I think forty is close to average. Probably a little below average. That's fine kemba. Reliability if barrett and rj barrett made huge strides defensively and has and has all the tools to be a good multi-positional defender maybe across four positions honestly in bear it. Randall and the centers can sustain what they brought on defense last year. I think and you throw in. You know they're going to be well coached and as well prepared as any team in the league florida. You know that anything less than frantic effort is not going to be tolerated and the consequences will be real. If you do not provide that kind of effort i think the backbone of maybe not a top three or four defense again but at top seven. Eight nine defense. I think the backbone can still be there. I think should should still be a strong defensive team. If those big guys in particular can prove that last season was who they are. And i just say one thing quickly about mitch robinson Mike woodson who was in assistant with the knicks last year before going to Indiana iu and taking the head. Coaching job there. He spent time with robinson prior to last season and he had questions at that point about robinson's approach and willingness to be Professional to work every day to do what it takes to improve. But then by the end of woodson's time with mitch robinson. He said you know this kid is reading he's matured. He's approaching things the right way so that to me was was interesting potentially important when we talk about robinson going into this season. Does he take that next step. Because of Maturation process but by large What you said. I think is accurate. Because it's it's so hokey to talk about culture and standards but with tom dibitetto. He established they won last year. The importance of going on going one hundred percent giving it your all on defense. If you didn't do that you were going to play. And that was that's real. It's not just the israel one hundred percent and so because of that. I think that the guys coming in kemba walker been forty. They'll be held to that standard and just based on that alone. I don't think that they would regress to like a middle of the pack. Defense this coming season but it's a. It's a test that to test for his coaching staff To get these guys to defend as a unit one thing rj barrett very great wingspan. Great strength reggie bullock off into gone. The opponents tap perimeter player last year. It's going to be interesting to see if that falls to barrett or how they worked at going into the season. The other thing i'll say is peyton to kemba is a defensive grade just in terms of size and physicality but i don't think it's nearly the defensive guy downgrade that people would make it out to be i think l. elfriede peyton reliability defensively. He gambles he's a space cadet. I think he's overrated defensively. So i don't think that hit is going to be as big as people think so. Let's game it out then. The starting five. Let's just say noel wins the job. Let's just say for fun. Ones kemba forty barrett randall. Noel rock-solid should be a good lineup bench and you're not gonna go five-man bench unit for part of the good part of every game goes quickly burks topping robinson taj gibson in their kiddos as sort of your emergency break in case of whatever guys. That's a solid bench unit. I mean you know as well as i do. Derrick rose plus quickly was plus fifteen per one hundred possessions in the regular season rose quickly burks plus twelve. They were just regularly. Destroying opposing benches less effective in the playoffs. Like every other part of the knicks team like. I look at that team quickly in year..

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