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Science gotten Morocco. Warplane with the boys man, man. Dangerous so go and see it up three games to one. Blazers. Against that in a minute. But as promised which would right now by a quarterback from Ohio State and all American third in the Heisman voting little house to a big ten title. He led the nation with more than forty eight hundred passing yards and fifty touchdowns. He appears courtesy of old spices all new fresher collection, featuring five new body washes with real benefits forged by real ingredients. My guest is Dwayne Haskins. Dwayne great to have you on. How are you? Good. Good. Good good talking with draft prospects is I can't before the draft. And I kind of started off the same way your few days out from the draft. What is the entire process been like for you? And how eager to find out where you're going to live and where you're gonna work. Eager to find out where I wanna be you wouldn't be able to pull out, and you know, it's been a long process, but today's a blessing as looking forward to get over with. I see working. So we go back a little bit. There's this famous video view from eleven years ago when you're walking around Ohio State saying I'm going to go to college here. Now, a lot of young kids savings like that. But they don't have the chance to follow through. What do you think? Now when you see that video, and the fact you actually made it a reality crazy. Best. They can do things put them into this put the work into this. Biggest thing for me was a making sure that they possibly could to at least try to live the dream in the play Quebec unstated whether that was the the scholarship or even have to start as blessed to be able to to the university to Wayne Haskins joining us now, it's one thing to say you're going to go there, but you actually made a huge impact on the school as well. If you go back a little bit when you were being recruited the thinking was maybe go to Maryland. And then Randy Edsall was fired. The story goes in correct me if I'm wrong, you actually texted urban Meyer about visiting and his response was who is this is that how that went down. So tutor wanted to visit the school in the what was it? Thing say seven that's what he calls me. So. Back at seventy. Well, we have let's get to expand. Toady of activists were active Yoko visit visit campus elastic visit. So. Got started. So this thing was not easy. Now, you had to wait you had to learn. What was it like when you first got on campus was what you thought it would be what was that process? Like. It was a lot of fun. Definitely be able to be with classmates would be able to today spurious college for the first time going to class limited the dorms at a grateful spirits. Don't ever forget the had -able. We're talking to Wayne Haskins get right to the NFL draft. So you get your shot this season. And all you're doing your first year as a starter is one school record after another one conference record after another. So what's it like when you see that? You're breaking ten passing records set by guys like drew Brees crazy of those records presented for twenty years though. So for me, the biggest thing was that this take one game at a time and just keep playing visible that I can prepare the best that I could reach team that those records fought out of the way they did was put in all season ready for that first year starting a lot of fun to be able to do that twin Haskins my guest, excuse me. I was gonna say you put the time in your prepared. However, it's you never really know. Exactly where it's going to be like when you're under that microscope, and you have that kind of. Scrutiny. You did all of that in your first year as a starter? But you held out like a pro given all the attention and all the scrutiny. There was placed on you. It looked like it didn't bother you at all how able to deal with all of that. So well. Football at the day the game. So for me to be able to realize that play the sport because I love it. It's bigger than just a winter a loss or for me to throw a touchdown or enter sensitive. I had to have fun with the most importantly, so, you know, of course, have all the conversation to be stated all the other cave with that story this trying to find half what with that as a day. So that's what I did was a great great experience for be advised me at all to be under the away was because I just wanted to people are there. Watching to Wayne Haskins is my guest, he's gateway for the NFL draft and working with all the spice, which I'll get to in a minute. The combine you said quote Dwayne I knew before the season. I had the talent to play in the NFL. I know I'm a franchise quarterback in quote. I respect the attitude a lot. So what is it that you've seen and experienced the let you know that you are. In fact, a franchise quarterback. Being able to be around NFO guys of trading with bombs new place for the falcons and Watson. And just guys like that. And I knew that I was capable of play NFL. Because guys our I was working with Philip can compete with them. And and be save be just good about better as that was working out with so biggest from us. Do what I could do on the field is okay might tell the best buy abilities to make sure that have opportunity fell crazy, though broker records. To do the whole time. It was this crazy crazy thing for me to be able to speed position to even be traffic. Yes. He does what you do on the field. And this what you off the field watching your breakdown film. It's actually really impressive. When did you first start breaking down film? And they have was that in making you who you are right now. I was about ten years old. And that's something that I enjoyed have prided from Boeing coverages civilian protections to know how to redefine this is something that has to be to be great after be settled at quarterback. If you don't know what to look at look pretty foolish and make sure that prepare for everything I could see on their field. So do do a lot of studying of the guys playing a lot of the type of caliber facie in the this bigger that I could see out there on the field. Talking twain Haskins for a few moments. You mentioned the NFL guys you worked with right now. But how legend Shawn springs who played in the league? His also played a role in your life. How did the two of you first meet? And then what was that like? Football campus this apparatus, I was there to support kid crazy to be that. I saw you saw that personally. But this off of mad at as like that. And you know, the biggest thing for me to be able to pick his brain audio everybody else. It was fun for me to be able to to meet him. He's done a great job to over the years getting getting to know him and what for? Football players asking him. How guys like how Brady where does he play with? It was cool to be able to have order. Great tweet last week, the tweet read simply don't over think it trust me. And quote, what's the message that you want people to take from that? And who was that directed towards whoever has doubts or second guesses by ability where I can do on the field and things of that nature of there today. Go through good in my good. Is that gonna be great quarterback? And it takes a lot for me to do that. But I've been with every level of played at and I know that a lot of work to do. But you know, gripping bovi is that I know that I want to work out of that wanna be better. I have a lot of stuff to get better. At it. A the biggest thing is I was going to give me opportunity that I'll give him the best to have a lot of football games. And the trust Dwayne Haskins my guest, and then you're not going to be in Nashville for the draw. But you are going to have a draft party. So what was the thinking behind that? And how eager are you? Or how much you looking forward to that party to behold, it gets you base thing is enjoying that time because you'll get drafted would. So looking forward to the opportunity. It's people that I love people that have been with throughout this process. That's gonna be great night. You cannot show up Jones row party smelling rank, you know, this. So. Spice in their new refresher collection. It's a brand new fresh collection. What do you like about the body washes? Great. I definitely like you say the greatest momentous ozone spice, you can get that at all. Growing up. Those all the time have all refresher collection. Like you say with a real benefits, greedy. It's like Bush rise shave butter, relax, lavender body washes. It able to be a part of such a great brand. It'd be Representative of the highest level of football is every opportunity for me. I'm looking forward. So use it going into the draft the rest of the season stay include. There you go. Tell me once again where can they pick it up if they want to? Get it at WalMart Dwayne Haskins form Ohio State quarterback at an American getting ready for the upcoming NFL draft Wayne very much on the show. Good luck with it. Talking to you. Well done. Got me little Mr. Rome at the end twin Haskins like his attitude a lot especially like, that's we don't over think. It don't over think it trust me. For him to have the one year that he had put up those numbers. And when I mentioned, the film study have you seen him breakdown film. It's really really impressive. One eight hundred six three six eight six eight six and then of course, the top draft all sorts of smoke signals in what is going to do are. They are they're not gonna take Murray or they get out of that spot of they're gonna keep that pick. Nobody really knows at this point. In fact, I stopped listening to that speculation a long time ago because you know, if somebody's talking if their lips are moving this time of year, they're probably lying. Everybody is playing poker this time of year. I mean, some of the speculation about Murray's first or is going to drop out of the first round. Okay. Gonna go. I always gonna go undrafted. One eight hundred six three six eight six eight six curious what you think when you hear that interview from Dwayne Haskins? But this guy is in at Levi pants seven tweets as a Michigan grad. I absolutely despise Ohio State. However, I can give nothing but respect to Wayne Haskins after he completely obliterated as last year. Some NFL team is going to get a great quarterback. a really good tweet or special week. But then again, he did obliterate you and your defense. So how can you show up with anything other than respect unless you're absolute bag? You're lucky. He didn't hang eighty on you.

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