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And a child sexting the sixty seven year old pleaded guilty to first and second degree attempted rape of the child that case will go to trial next month eric heintz komo news there's public frustration over the decision not to include interim seattle police chief carmen best among the finalists for the permanent job komo's suzanne phan reports reverend harry walden can't believe the announcement made friday that the three finalists for seattle police chief didn't include interim chief carmen best a twenty six year veteran of the department i'm disappointed because the process cheated carmen best she has been engaged in the community i see the chiefs he's worked well it every sector walden is a vocal advocate for better police community relations she says best was the most qualified candidate none of the candidates have ever been involved in a consent decree they didn't say anything about that here she is already involved in the consent decree has been involved in a consent decree all of this time and now for the sustainment part they wanna bring in somebody else the people that have contacted me everybody is upset and displeased at this decision we also heard from pat murakami the president of the south seattle crime prevention council she talked to komo news by phone i was very surprised and i think it's very disrespectful to chief best in the contributions that she's made to the seattle police department that's komo's suzanne phan reporting now mayor jenny durken will interview the three finalists and name the next chief by early july authorities continue to look for a missing california teen who may be headed to washington thirteen year old and at the u seda ran away from her grandmother's home near fresno on april twenty ninth and is believed to be traveling with edgar martinez thought that edgar martinez an adult who she may be romantically involved with it's believed they may be traveling in a beige or silver nissan altima and at the is considered a risk at a runaway risk because of her age and she has a history of mental illness with suicidal tendencies bothell teenager who had been missing for days now safe at home.

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