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Hear that they're talking to you? Yagi! Listener Him Yagi I know he's listening. so. All right, so what about as the head of education like? Where's the curriculum? Start at the University of Swan like Whoa. You know if I'm coming from one. Oh One SWAN WANNA. One two swan three Oh one I. think that's a college go. I can't remember obviously. I wasn't great at it, but. Once? was the start of the curriculum. So, we are reading. A book called the Gift of Bitcoin and we're reading it. We're dropping each chapter once. A month is going to be twelve chapters long. It's focused on taking you from nothing. No knowledge at all about bitcoin up through, you know. why money bit of Austrian economics and just like what money really is compared to know, sound money versus Fiat money the sort of optimism of bitcoin like kind of future that we hope that bitcoin will build for us. and then technology privacy You know debunking some Fudd and then just like a chapter of answering. Just you know we have listrik like eighty five questions, and we give like short answers to. We've created videos around. So that's all in the works right now. that originated with our kind of our sister products called give bitcoin which we launched last year, GonNa, Early Fourth Quarter for the for the holiday season. And Swan SORTA grew out of give Bitcoin we decided to. Create a separate products that was focused on dollar, cost, averaging and kind of focused at or aimed at bitcoins. And then also at moving people that gum through give Bitcoin, which are you know? Big winners will give gifts to their family and friends. We had a lot of users last year. Give gifts over the holiday season. And transition those folks over to stacking at Suon. That's sort of the way those things work together, so that's when we started writing the gift bitcoins whites called the gift of Bitcoin That's the start of it. We have big plans. I have big plans for building out just A. Very? Thorough robust, just education platform basically that like you said we'll take you through like one one and kind of be sort of a Swan University. He can go as deep as you once But right now we're also doing a blog. You have a nice blog at Samba com slash signal. We call it Swan Signal, also doing a weekly live show called Swanson Alive and bring guests on twitter youtube twitch facebook, and then we published at as an audio podcast as well. It's one signal podcast dot, com. and that's we pair up to big winners We had some without some amazing. Guests next week. We're having Preston Pysche. Who is a well-known investor with huge podcast and Adam back CEO. Bloodstream and cited in the White Paper So we're having kind of Combos of guests on that level and fun because. There's not that many shows out there that are like putting to Bitcoin is together that you don't really see together and play off each other and to hear their perspectives, and so it's been a lot of fun. We're. Done ten episodes so far those have been super valuable, so we get a ton of content of that and we just like. Chop it up into short clips, an quotes and Kinda just you know. Put all that stuff into into our. Our our books and you know the working on this SORTA sub site where you can just come in and just start learning like the Education Sorta Portal for Swan, so we're. We're just now starting to build that, but I you know it's I think it's GonNa. Take a while to really complete full vision but I'm really excited about it. This is exactly what I wanted to do. so I'm like superstock to have this job. Be Able to do this. That's a lot of quality content that I hope. People consume. But before I'm able to like. I kind of. Get my personal stamp of approval. Our Audience I. How Y can I trust? Platform to be a custodian of my coins, at least even in the interim of me, sending it to my wallet using her service. Yeah, so we do not custody the coins ourselves, so we're sort of A. Like a an application layer on top of our custodial partner which is Prime Trust? The same studio parties by by Nance Beatrix Hugh O., b. maybe Oak to I'm not sure about that one, but other lots of other exchanges so they've been in the game for a long time and really like. When, we were considering like thinking about how to structure the business. Toss like why reinvent the wheel you know kind of goes along with that idea of being laser focused on one thing providing one sort of service and. Adding in rebuilding a recreating a whole custodial service, was just. GonNa require a lot of work a lot more expense More risk, obviously tons more, so we work with Prime Trust very well respected very great track record. They store everything in cold storage. You know there's no like everything goes and cold storage every day. so there's very little risk on that front. We have a great relationship with them Corey's An incredible networker the best I've ever seen, and he has a massive network of. bitcoin friends just people over in corporate America in different industries and he's got a you know a few connections at a prime trust that really help us. just have a have a really really good pipeline, really stable and sustainable pipeline ensue their service We get a lot of you know quick responses from them and. yeah, so we have a great relationship. We believe that it's A. Very very secure place for the Bitcoin to be held, and we just interface API so when we make purchases, we basically everything's done through through prime trust, and then when we do with withdrawals, we make that request of the API and it's sent out from prime just. so we don't have. We're in forty nine states right out of the gate because we don't have to get mt and. Other licenses like that, so we're just. We do have to get a bit license in New York, so we're working on that. You! Know what I hear Corey. I'm starting to hear robustness. Saddam starting to hear robustness of the space. The guys came out of the space available in forty nine states that would been not the case three years ago exactly though. That's. Industries. Like you just said that's issues developed. This is we're now at a point? In. In bitcoin infrastructure where you can start to build financial services on the infrastructure that exists that add new services to individuals right you can. You can actually start to laser focus. On a specific use case that the integrates with the larger players that are already kind of giving you the quality of service you need to the laser focus on a single thing like doing this in the past was not nearly as easy because you had to do all of those things that he just said. We're relying on this company to do for us. I think that's a really big step in terms of the technology so. It's a huge step man, and this I mean this is how this kind of layered you know. Layers of specializations out economy itself is built. It's how the Bitcoin Protocol is scaling. You know like you have a base layer. The Internet scaled you know the a stack of protocols that sort of specialize and build off the more general lower base layer. so yeah, I mean it's tried and true You know just way that. Our. Grow disagreed it. Systems grow it. I think it really signifies. portends like A. You know maturation the space that is. really exciting I mean. One thing about one really important thing about timing Arum. Sorry about starting a company is timing. And I? Think right now. The industry is sort of like just mature, enough and just young enough to be kind of the sweet spot. It's a really started bitcoin only business so I'm. Obviously hope the timing's right, but I think it is. Well we'll wrap it up with our with our trademark question. In ten words less. CAN YOU.

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