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You know, what I mean on social media somewhat of kind of poisonous thing that we all like, you know, it's like a chocolate cake. We know you shouldn't eat all of it. You want it? Right used peso. Could you just wanna eat all of it? And it harms you at the end of the day. You know, you're going to have high blood sugar, you might be diabetic or the near future for eating so much cake. But the thing is that it's not good for us. And sometimes we're sucked in by it and people are posting so many fabulous things on social media that we think that we love and that we need that. We don't in a message with our heads. You know messes with relationship is is so perfect because I do a segment every Tuesday or FOX T news locally here. And today's segment was about so. Social media. And I talk about how social media has even though it uses the word, social it has to not be social face to face anymore. Don't how to intellect face to face. And so I gave tips on how to Jess navigate our relationships face to face because I was at a wedding the other a couple of weeks ago and everybody at my table was on their phones. Nobody was cost to everybody on their phones. And they weren't even the guys. They weren't taking pictures they were under home. Well, if you but they were scrolling through on they were taking pictures. They were just on the phone and nobody was communicating with each other. So you need to really start thinking about what things do we need to do to just connect human to human person to person face to face. And how do you suggest you know, let's say I personally, I'm I'm a freelancer. I do everything. Besides my my media company. I I love to talk the people. I mean, talking to strangers is it's kind of like my forte. You know what I mean? But some other people are not like that some people are, you know, virgin, and they're just a little shy to even say Hello. And and how do you how do you open yourself from that? You know, how do you get out there? The first thing that you have to do with it to have to make the decision that. That's what you wanna do. Because a lot of times it starts with what we think what we think is what we speak in what we speak is what we create. So if we look at our life, and we want if we want something different. We gotta be open to doing something different. So people can tell you what to do. But if you haven't made a decision, you haven't said that yes, I'm gonna try. This is never gonna work for you. So you have to make the decision that you're going to. When you meet someone shake their hand. I remember taking classes about how to shake a head appropriately. I hate shaking hands like little wetland noodle type head shape. Nice firm handshake, then after that make eye contact. You got just make eye contact and smile that opens up sometimes the dialogue the connection with the person. And then you have to initiate conversation and initiating conversation could be something as my dude is the good what you think about this weather. What do you think about this day, or what do you think about just something could get the ball rolling? But after you open up the conversation, then you have to listen in Tinley when I've learned most people don't listen you here. But you don't listen because listening is skill hearing is about function. So you have to make the decision that you're going to listen for what the person is saying that how you're going to engage in that conversation. And then lastly is just big able to engage fun and excitement in your relationships with your friends, and the people that true around because who wants to be around people that all gold rule. That's about things fun things. It's gonna make you smile and just gonna make you laugh things. That's just gonna create that base of joy. Now going back to the over off subject love somewhat. I wanna talk about relationships nowadays relationships are. I mean, not nowadays..

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