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Expert. Can we go to you with all of our barbecue questions and you're willing to be the supreme court. Judge who makes rulings failings on this stuff not going to say that but i mean you know from <hes> looking at the taste of the game two bucks and everything i know a little bit but i'm not not a master bernie all right well. We're making you master anyway whether you want to be or not because i hear on behalf of kingsford charcoal and if you don't wanna play along we're going to do it anyway anyway. So tell us a perfect way to barbecue something. According to <hes> prince fielder or definitely gotta use kingsford charcoal and that's where all the slavery return on it depends. I mean you know i mean it depends on how you like your whatever your <hes> grilling likely well done meeting. You know what i mean in whatever you like to see oppresses so prince. What do you do if you if you're grilling because timing is very important with this stuff because you want the stuff to be hot the second it comes off the grill l. so if you're going hot dogs hamburgers and chicken do you throw them all on the grill. I you throw one on the grill. I how do you negotiate that. That's a good question. I probably would go <hes> chicken last after i do hot dogs <hes> burgers and chicken and that way you know the hotdogs bergerson house house request for a second grade to go what is the best side dish at a barbecue question <hes> first of all the teams making them and i would say probably i like <hes> macaroni and cheese all all prince. Is it thoroughly unacceptable to put aluminum. Foil down on the grill before you start grilling question. I don't know i don't really know grown up. Everyone my dad and everyone. I'd never seen them do that. So i would say no cecil fielder would never he would never even though some even though some producers back there on our show may have thought that cecil fielder was a position in baseball when they were kids. Cecil fielder would never disrespect barbecue that way yeah that was me. I thought it was a position where you thought it was like a guy right behind second base like not an outfielder wow prints we can agree though kale the worst well. I mean you know it. If you need is now for you know for the for the health factor. I guess what swallow but prince you became vegan league right or you're out. You're on behalf of grilling but you still vegan obviously not now talking cheese and hot dogs but i was very disappointed. When you became a vegan i imagine that your house look like the rocky meat locker and that he trained it. No not that no not that much deep dish pizza overrated or not overrated well. <hes> you know grown run up in detroit for a while the deep dish you know i like they always always bought me detroit and you know they were good to me. I like i think they're they're rated just fine i really let's say you're cooking big back ribs. Go along with the kingsford charcoal. What kind of wood would yang's nice. I didn't think about about that or you've stumped..

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