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I think, is your best score. Because you're part of. My God. Oh my gosh. Thank you very much. That is good shooting. We played at press a few days ago. And drove by the, you know, we got the whole tour about the inside and a lot of the history. We drove by the red Lion. Which is where it sounds like the open championship essentially was conceived. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is that correct? I don't know if it was in the red line, but it was Earl of agnon and ogilvy Farley, James oak will be partly. And so what he was David from the club was telling us was that basically after Alan Robertson passed away in 1859, I believe. Yeah, perfect. That then 8 different governors still got together because they had all agreed that he was essentially the best golfer in the world. And they got together and were like, we have to figure out who's the new best golfer and that's where the open championship came from. So absolutely. The key phrase is Alan Robertson and he has actually heard my next book will be on, but Alan Robertson was the champion golfer. And that was a title that, you know, that he guarded, and it is like a boxer he would choose his fights, you know? So he would never play Willie park because he really parks fantastic and he's a young guy, you know, and he's so, but he guards the title, but he still is the best golfer. And he is the champion golfer, but when he dies, it leaves the question who is the new champion golfer, and that's why press wick created the event. And the professionals had a reputation for being if they want some money that spend it all in the bar within an R sort of thing. So the letter went out calling for their most respectable caddies. You know, and so it players turned up for that first open. Yeah, so yeah, press wick is special. I love it. It was magical for us to be there and to understand all that history. So then how did it go from press wick and them kind of setting up this event to determine who's going to be the new champion golfer to the rota and saint Andrews getting involved? So it was with press wick for first 12 years. Okay. And then eventually the honorable company in Edinburgh who were based in Muslim at the time. Saint Andrews came in and basically it all happened because Tommy Morris had won the champions belt. It was like a box of belt again, but he won the open three times in a row as a teenager. I'm going to keep the belt. So they didn't have an event. And 72, I think. No, sorry, they did have an event and said, it was 71 they didn't have an event. And then Tommy wanted a fourth time. So what they did was that they came together those clubs and commissioned the Clark jug. So the reason why we play for the card job is because of Tommy Morris. And then he wanted the first time. But it wasn't ready for the open championship. So the first time it was presented was in 73 here in saint Andrews. But the first pneumonia, if you get to look at it, is Tommy Morris. Wow. Look at that. And now here we are. There's a face on that jug. Do you know on the top handle, kind of if you were to carry it right by where your thumb might be? Yeah. Do you know what that image is or that face is? I'd have to look at it to be sure, but it might be as a Bacchus, the God of wine or something like that. But I need to need to check. That makes sense. Look for your God. Across the head. A little bit. Absolutely. We did a show before the masters a couple of years ago of people giving us their craziest stories at Augusta national. And we had a couple where people would sneak onto the golf course and fall asleep on 12 and look up at the stars or whatever it was. Is there anything that you have come across that is like the craziest thing that had happened on this property? Like maybe someone did something and ruined the golf course or has there ever been any moment that stands out that was like a shenanigans? Yeah. Yeah, there's lots from Tom Morris. The story is there's a bunker that we should be a bunker called Tom's Kai. Because Tom Morris was fine to sleep in the bunker with a car. So that's one. And then I think Gary Player also said that he slept on the beach in his first opens as well, you know, because you couldn't afford the digs, you know, so there's lots of little stories like that. Wow. What do the cows? People just sleeping all over the place. When I look too far, and. Do you know about the burial pit under the 18th grain? So the green was a little green and was pretty much in the position after they moved to across. It was in the same position as the green is today. But Tom wanted a massive green, a big expanse of sort of plateau green. And so the workman started digging up the grind to sort of try to level it off. But they started finding bones. And then they found more bones and more bones and the realized this is a color a bit. And I have to remember that a 120 years previously, there were throwing witches off the cliff on the scores to test if there were witches and maybe we can come back to that. But so they're superstitious bunch. And I think, oh, this is cursed. But Tom said to them, you know, you have to finish this job or else, you know, you won't get paid. So the picked up the tools and finished a job and it's a beautiful green and it's a fantastic optical illusion because if you walk towards a green that looks fairly flat, but you stand on the steps of the RNA by the RNA, you can see the massive swale. And the pit is still there today. When the green if you were playing the whole, the back right hand corner where it rises, that's where the color of it is. Wow, wow. Let's go back to these

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