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California fucking three dollar movie theater that we had there every week. I'm talking about like mighty bean ninety. M yeah there who said i spent money oh who you know what the ushers wrong and you go. You know how they have the exit. You just wear you just black and no matter. What time of day do you think probably did. See you this guy again. Just let me look at that point. You know fucking but there was a time to kick them out of a three dollar movie theaters three dollars in the fucking dollar show. You fucking making really join anything. Oh no i went to turn. Aj mckee fucking won. The title shot to aj. Mckee mckee's team bodies good friends right but I was there you know. And i got a couvert test thursday in downtown. La right at fucking train station. It doesn't sound as bad. It's union station like john. Maher's like last game at home was filmed their life houses. You and me a bunch of movies and whatever right but thursday. I get the fucking test right because everywhere else wanted to charge like a hundred and fifty so i found three one. Yeah i i've found freedom and has the most like hey i got something i got an event you know saturday. What are the chances that i get the test. Back there. Like slim to none fucking and forty. Am and i was supposed to meet up with my own boy. Who's going with me at eleven. Ten forty m i i. I got a negative test. I might have called studio. Mckee what you got it as jack whatever me and my friends were like. Oh we're gonna fuck in light. Bottlerocket sadder ashes. Right well you know. It's like a forty five minute bus ride from where we saw the fucking movie into one of my friend's house. The closest read off the bus stop and we got the bottle rock. It's and shit like that down. Oh but everybody was dropping out and this is not a. This is a piece of Styrofoam right okay. But not a good look or it might be. I don't know. I live in california him. Yeah so with that. I'll big said everybody started dropping out and we've got the thing got the matches whatever it was only me and i was like fuck you silly son of a bitches like i mean that's susan's bitches. I knew all their moms lady but they may have raised like fucking chicken shits right. I'm gonna go right gene. You not a shit you not singed off all of the.

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